4 Fun, Free, and Easy Uses for Discount Yarn

discount yarnTired of seeing your fabulous discount yarn sitting unused? Check out these 4 fantastic ways to use your discount yarn

Do you have piles of discount yarn lying around gathering dust? Has that “too cute to resist” ball of yarn you picked up for so cheap become a cat toy?

I admit it. I’m a discount yarn junkie. I just can’t get enough of the stuff, so I’m always looking for projects that will let me mix colors, styles, and even textures (since you never seem to get enough discount yarn for a single great project).

If this describes you as well, no need to despair. Here’s a collection of fun projects you can make with any or all of that discount yarn you simply couldn’t resist!

1. Toys and Their Clothes

I had a friend who made the cutest teddy bear sweater for another friend’s daughter. She used a small ball of discount yarn, and the little girl absolutely loved it.

My friend spotted a perfect gift idea! She went on to buy a bunch of inexpensive teddy bears and knit them their own sweaters, scarves, and even hats. They were a huge hit!

Need ideas for doll or other toy clothes? Check out these two collections of free knitting patterns for doll clothes! Or, if you’d like to knit a teddy bear sweater too, take a look at this adorable pattern.

2. Baby Blankets

That super-soft yarn you got might not be enough for an entire afghan, but what about a baby blanket? Knitting a baby blanket takes about a quarter of the yarn you’d need to knit a whole afghan, so if you only got a few balls of that discount yarn, you might be able to put them to use here.

If you need ideas, take a look at this collection of free knitting patterns for baby blankets!

3. Novelty Items

If you just want to knit something fun and easy, why not try out a novelty item?. They’re perfect projects for discount yarn and best of all, they take almost no time to make. If you’re looking for something quick, fun, and easy, this could be the plan for you!

A variety of novelty projects can be found here and here. You can find a collection of bookmarks here. Knitted food here (yes, knitted food!). And free smiley patterns to make you (and others) smile? Right here.

4. Knitting for Pets

Guess what? Dogs doesn’t care if the dye lots on their sweaters match. Cats don’t care if their new blankie or pillow is made out of scratchy or funny looking yarn. And if you really love the yarn itself, you can combine a cushion for your pet with a great new decoration for your house!

Bottom line is that knitting for animals is a wonderful way to help those who can’t help themselves. And you can have so much fun doing so with your discount yarn! Check out some terrific free knitting patterns for animals here.

So now you have no excuse to use that fantastic discount yarn. So what are you waiting for? Have some fun!