Welcome to Knitting for Charity!

Are you a passionate knitter — so passionate, in fact, that your family and friends have told you that they really don’t need any more hand knits? 

Are you frustrated because you can’t find anyone else who will take what you knit? 

Are you struggling with time or techniques? Is either (or maybe both!) giving you headaches? 

Could you use some new, fresh ideas because you’re bored with knitting the same old projects? 

I’m Nicole, and I believe there’s someone who needs what you love to knit!

What Others Have Said about Knitting for Charity

I’ve only been at this less than 4 weeks and you have easily solved all the obstacles I have encountered so far. I am so blessed to have found you.”

I just have a hard time picking out what project to do, so I asked Nicole to help me and she picked some out for me. I’m even more pleased with this group now.”

I’ve been a knitter and crocheter for over 50 years and have a big stash I’d like to use it. And donating for those in need sounds great and fulfilling. I’m a retired nurse and have lots of free time. I’m starting first thing in the morning. Thank you, thank you for expanding my horizons!!!”

Imagine That You

… feel excited to knit whenever you can, because you’ve found great patterns. 
… have all the resources you need, and you’re loving what you can knit — frustration-free! 
… know who will take your knitting and how much it’s appreciated. 
… find ways to knit in the gaps of your day, so you get to knit at least a little bit daily. 

And most of all:

Imagine that you feel a powerful sense of purpose and generosity because you know that your knitting is making a difference! 

When you become a member of the Knitting for Charity community, you’ll receive resources and inspiration to knit patterns you love for people you care about.

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Meet your guide to charity knitting, Nicole Haschke

I picked up knitting needles for the first time over a decade ago and became obsessed almost immediately. Soon thereafter, I was delighted to discover charity knitting. But after digging for more information about charities I could knit for, I felt swamped and confused by all the information out there. My first attempt resulted in listless, restless knitting because I hadn’t chosen the right project, even though I cared deeply about the people it would help. Later, I found some adorable patterns that made me smile, and I couldn’t get enough!

You see, it’s not just about finding the right cause. Nor is it just about finding the right patterns. You need both!

Today I’m a happy charity knitter. I have the satisfaction of knowing that my knitting has a purpose. It’s not just a way to keep myself calmer or of having fun with sticks and string — though it’s both of those for sure. But more than that, it’s now a way for me to send love throughout the world in a positive way. And we all know the world needs all the love and positivity it can get!

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