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Charity Knitting Journey

Here you’ll find patterns, printable worksheets, and eBooks to help you get the most out of your valuable charity knitting time!

Prayer Shawl Cards

Choose from printable Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards that you can customize yourself, or use my Customizing Service and have me do the work for you!

Customizable Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards

To choose these cards, click the image below. This will take you to the Product Page, from which you can click a link to download the cards. No need to add it to your cart!

Prayer Shawl/Cloth Customizing Service

Would you rather have me do the customizing for you? No problem: simply purchase my Customizing Service! I can change the wording for you however you’d like; I can even change the graphic (for an additional $5 fee). Quick and easy!