Customized Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards


Customized Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards

Let me do the work for you!




Love my Customizable Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards but would rather not go through the hassle of customizing them yourself? 

Let me customize them for you! 

It’s super easy. Once you order the cards, you’ll receive an email from me, and we’ll start the process!

  1. You’ll tell me what you want the cards to say.
  2. I’ll add the words you want.
  3. I’ll create a PDF of your completed cards, ready for you to print and use as often as you wish. 
  4. You’ll receive your PDF within 5 business days. 

Want a different graphic? For $5 extra, I’ll switch out the current graphic for the graphic of your choice. (You’ll pay $5 now and be charged the second $5 upon completion.)

Note: please use the following form to send me an email if you do not receive an email from me within an hour of ordering. Sometimes the email gets stuck in cyberspace. Thank you!


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