Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards – Downloadable, Customizable, Printable


Downloadable, Customizable & Printable Prayer Shawl/Cloth Cards

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Do you want to give your prayer shawl or cloth a personal touch, but you’re not sure what to say or how to say it? 

These cards come with a variety of special sentiments to add meaning to your gift. Customize them to fit your own thoughts and hopes for the recipient. Then print and attach to your shawls and/or cloths! 

You will need either Microsoft Word or a Google account and the Chrome browser to customize these cards. For directions on how to access and customize the cards with the Chrome browser and a Google account, read these directions

Download your FREE cards here! 

(If you’d rather I take care of the customization process for you, click here to order my customization service!)


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