Fun With Cables Bundle


Both of these PDFs are available for immediate download, and you can print them as many times as you want or need. Add them to your knitting pattern binder today!

How to Create a Cable Stitch

Knit a cable stitch swatch--and use it as a coaster or an afghan block today!

2 Tantalizing Cable Variations

Have you fallen in love with the cable stitch and are ready to try something a little more enticing? 

Try one of these fabulous cable variations! 

Use one in any flat project--scarves, dish/washcloths, blankets, afghan squares--or even circular projects like hats or sweaters!



What you get

With your purchase

This bundle simplifies the often-intimidating cable stitch, then allows you to take a step further with other types of cables! 

  • How to Create a Cable Stitch: This pattern PDF takes you step-by-step so you can create a simple swatch with beautiful cables. You can then use this swatch as a coaster or even an afghan block! 
  • 2 Tantalizing Cable Variations: Now that you’re comfortable with cables, try these fabulous variations that will take your project from decent to dazzling!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you order, you’ll receive an email that includes links for downloading your files. Click the links and download the files to your device. That’s all there is to it!

Absolutely! You can download the PDFs to any and all of your devices.

Yes! You can print these PDFs just as you would any other.

You may share printed copies of these PDFs with your friends in your charity knitting group. However, for the actual PDF digital files, please encourage them to purchase their own bundle. Thank you!

I want to enjoy a variety

of cable stitches!


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