Knitting Stitch Catalog


Keep track of all your favorite knitting stitches with this handy printable worksheet!


Have you ever fallen in love with a knitting stitch you used for a particular project?

Have you ever wanted to return to that stitch later, only to realize you’ve forgotten what it was called or how to work it?

There’s a simple way to avoid this sad situation: by creating your own knitting stitch catalog.

Create swatches of your favorite stitches. Catalog them in this handy printable worksheet. Put them together in a 3-ring binder and have your own stitch catalog on hand whenever you need it.

(For more information about creating your stitch catalog, take a look at this blog post.)  

The download is yours to keep forever and reuse as many times as you want. 

Order now for immediate download, and start cataloging all your favorite stitches!


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