20 Perfectly Precious Free Knitting Patterns for Preemie Clothes

So many babies born too soon need the help of knitters – you can help with these preemie clothes patterns

Knitting preemie clothes is a popular way to knit for charity. I hear more questions about how to donate hats for premature babies than perhaps any other charity knitting question I receive.

It’s a wonderful charity knitting cause because, unfortunately, prematurity remains an unsolvable puzzle, so there are always plenty of babies to give hats and clothing to.

Sadly, there are also many children who are born too soon and are subsequently gone too soon every year, meaning there is another unfortunate need for premature clothing and hats.

That’s why I’ve rounded up this collection of links to free knitting patterns for preemie clothes. So if you’ve been searching for the perfect preemie patterns, your search is now over!

Preemie Hats for Charity
Preemie Hats for Charity

4 Ways to Keep Tiny Heads & Toes Warm

Preemie Hats for Charity: This sweet little collection of quick and easy preemie hat patterns offers five different varieties.

Baby Bear Hat: Here’s an adorable little hat with bear ears.

Presto! Preemie Hat: This is a wonderful hat that can expand as the baby’s head grows.

No Button Baby Booties: Yes, these booties have no button or closure to fuss with. As a bonus, you can knit it up so quickly, you may want to make a bunch!

4 Tushy & Chest Coverings

Snapdragon Soaker
Snapdragon Soaker
Photo: Felt Fusion

Snapdragon Soaker: This is perfect for any baby, whether he or she uses disposable or cloth diapers.

Bubble Bum Baby Bloomers: Just as advertised in the name, only, possibly, cuter.

Easy Stay-on Bib: A simple little bib that slips on over baby’s head.

Girly Bib: For something a little fancier, try this pretty lacy bib.

6 Warming Ways for Tiny Torsos

Knitted Baby Onesie
Knitted Baby Onesie
Photo: Brenna Kotar

Knitted Baby Onesie: What infant couldn’t use a onesie? This is the bread and butter of baby garments.

Baby Jiffy Knit Sweater: These adorable sweaters are perfect for preemies!
Please note: NMCRS HQ allowed Cathy to share this pattern. Please respect the spirit that they have graciously given in allowing the pattern to be passed along and understand that they will retain all rights to this pattern and the copyright for it. No money whatsoever shall be made from the sale of these sweaters, nor from the pattern. Cheryl from NMCRS HQ has given permission for you to use this pattern for your charity/personal knitting needs with this disclaimer attached. You may print a copy of this pattern for your own use, but may not sell it.

Paxton Preemie and Newborn Jacket: One of the trickiest types of clothing to find for preemies is a jacket. This sweet pattern fills the void nicely.

Baby Eyelet Cardi: An adorable little cardigan with a V-neck and a single button (that can easily become multiple buttons, thanks to the eyelets that double as buttonholes).

5-Hour Baby Sweater: This darling sweater knits up in a flash. Two variations offer the choice of a tie front or a button-down front.

5-Hour Baby Sweater
Photo: Bev Qualheim

Rejoice (“Shrug This” for Little Girls): This lovely little shrug-styled sweater offers sizes for newborns (or preemies) all the way up to 24 months.

4 Ways to Make Naptime Snuggly

Sock Baby (Monkey) Snuggler: This adorable bunting is bound to make any baby feel warm and snuggly.

Snuggle Baby Cozy with Matching Hat
Photo: Nikki Van De Car

Baby Snuggle Wrap: This is an adorable little sweater/blanket/hoodie that’s wonderful for keeping tiny babies warm in cold weather.

Snuggle Baby Cozy with Matching Hat: Just as advertised, baby will be snuggly warm in this sleep sack. It works especially well for stroller riding or car rides.

Mrs. Brak’s Drawstring Bottom Baby Kimono with Raglan Shaping: Here’s a seriously adorable sleep sack/nightgown that is just wonderful for preemies and newborns.

Now you’ll never have to struggle to find the perfect preemie knitting pattern!

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  1. Lovely 💐 Premature births are rarely planned for, so to donate to a maternity ward is a wonderful idea that will be well appreciated. And it sounds like great fun, a great way to use leftover yarn.