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Prepare for Back-to-School with Free Knitting Patterns for Bookmarks

Offer the children in your life a fun back-to-school gift with these free knitting patterns for bookmarks

I get quite a few requests for quick-knitting, stash-busting free knitting patterns. That’s certainly understandable! We knitters usually have a) too much yarn, b) a lot of leftover yarn from projects, or c) both.

Because it’s back-to-school time for many kids in the United States (or it will be soon), I thought this was a great time to bring the two together. And what could be a better quick-knitting back-to-school gift for an eager child than a bookmark? Below is a collection of free knitting patterns that can be used for bookmarks. Note that not all of these were actually designed to be bookmarks, but all of them will fit that particular need quite nicely.

Free Knitting Patterns for Bookmarks

A Leaf in the Book: Let’s start with a pattern that actually is designed to be a bookmark. This pattern is available in both English and Norwegian, and it’s a lovely bookmark for nature lovers.

Fingerless Mitts Bookmark: This one was also designed for bookmark use. It’s so cute, don’t be surprised if your kiddo recipient tells you his or her friends want their own!

Simple Lace Headband: This, obviously, is a pattern for a headband. But click through to the PDF pattern and you’ll discover that the headband is knitted flat and seamed together. Leave out the seam, and you have a lovely lace bookmark! (Of course, you can also seam it if a girl in your life would enjoy a lacy headband.)

DIY Mini Bracelet: Again, the pattern directions give instructions for connecting the two ends of the bracelet. Leave them unconnected, and you have an adorable little bookmark.

Door Thongs: I just love the name of this pattern. It has perhaps endless uses, but it can definitely be used as a bookmark! (As a bonus, it could hang from a doorknob when not in use.)

Backbone Bookmark: Here’s a fun pattern with cables, great for someone who enjoys knitting cables or who would like to practice.

Crayon Bookmark: How perfect is this project for back-to-school?

Harry Potter bookmarks: There sure are a lot of Harry Potter-themed bookmarks out there! There are Hogwarts Double-Knitted Bookscarves (one variety for each house at Hogwarts), a Broomstick Bookmark, three more versions of Hogwarts Bookscarves, and a Dobby-Style Sockmark. If the child(ren) in your life love Harry Potter, take your pick!

Pirate Bookscarf: Do some of the preceding patterns feel a little too frilly or fancy for your little guy? He ought to love this pirate-themed bookmark. Ahoy, matey!

This is just the first of many collections of quick-knitting leftover yarn patterns I hope to offer you in the weeks to come — stay tuned!