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14 Frugal Ways to Save Money & Have Fun with Oddball Patterns

oddball scrap yarn patterns

They don’t fit neatly into any one category, but these remnant busting oddball patterns will bring you lots of fun in a frugal way

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this collection of oddball patterns you can knit with leftover yarn.

As I dug into Ravelry looking for ideas, I found an assortment of oddities. I found patterns for cozies of all kinds, for tiny bags, for miniature cushions, for appliques. They didn’t really fit into any one category except “small.”

For the purposes of this article, I’ll call them “oddball patterns” or “remnant busters” because they’re all a little odd and they’re great for working through remnants of yarn. Most of them do serve a purpose, though, which makes them practical as well as a little odd.

So if you’re looking for small projects that you can work quickly with whatever yarn you have on hand, check these out!

Free Oddball Patterns (and Remnant Busters)

Waste Yarn Hedgehog: This adorable little guy could be a dog or cat toy, a child’s stuffed animal, or even — as demonstrated in the photo — a pincushion.

Out of Yarn: This could also be used as a dog or cat toy. It could also make a great little baby toy, or you could attach a string or hook to one end and use it as a Christmas ornament.

Little Hearts: Like other small, soft, squishy patterns, this has many uses – dog or cat toy, pincushion, ornament, etc. You could also fill the heart with a dried herb or essential oil and use it as a scented sachet.

Knit Stars: Here’s another pattern with many possible uses, some of which are listed in the first paragraph on the page, including garland, ornaments, or a baby’s mobile. I also think they would make wonderful appliques or coasters.

Flowers in Bloom: More knitted floral appliques! Please note, you’ll need to click “free Ravelry download” to get the pattern. The website at the bottom of the page is no longer in existence.

Knitship Bracelets: Looking for a fun little pattern to teach to children? Or something quick and easy to make for children? These darling bracelets are just the ticket

oddball patterns
Drawstring Pouches
Photo: Carissa Browning

Drawstring Pouches: Much the same idea as the preceding pattern. Check out the comments below the pattern for a couple of clever ways to use these endlessly practical little bags.

Soap Nut Vessel: These bags can easily hold more than just soap nuts. (And if you’re wondering what soap nuts are, a link on the page will take you to an explanation.) Click on the “Free Download” button to the right of the photo for the pattern.

Felted Flower Bowl: Talk about practical! If you have some leftover 100% wool in your stash that isn’t superwash, try out this fun project. It makes a great gift or a little treat for yourself!

Basic Cup Cozy: I love these little guys. They’re such an easy, fun way to dress up a basic coffee cup. The pattern includes a few variation ideas for those of us who bore easily, too.

Patty: I love the previously linked cup cozy for its adaptability, but I also love this cozy pattern for its style — the buttons add so much sophistication to an already beautiful stitch pattern.

Beer Cozy: For the beer drinker in your life, this is a particularly clever and practical design because it not only acts as a coaster, but it also acts as a thermos of sorts, keeping beer cold.

oddball patterns
Junkies Java Jerkin
Photo: Marjorie Walter

Junkies Java Jerkin: Another cup cozy pattern, but this one also gives you the opportunity to try some clever colorwork.

Bulky Travel Mug Cozy: Finally, if it’s bulky yarn you have saved in your stash, try this nifty pattern. Susan B. Anderson, the designer, had the clever idea of attaching little nametags on multiple cozies to give as gifts. (With the holidays coming, this is a great tip!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of remnant buster oddball patterns and have found something to knit with your bits of leftover yarn!

Look here for more fun ways to use leftover yarn!

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