Free Knitting Patterns to Make You Smile

Looking for free knitting patterns to turn that frown upside down? Well, there’s no one better at that than Smiley — the infamous happy face circle that’s enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity (thanks to emojis!).

I’ve always had a secret soft spot for smiley faces, because smiles make everyone feel better. So over the years, I’ve collected all the free knitting patterns I can find that make use of this not-quite character.

Here they are for your knitting pleasure. Enjoy!

Fun, Free Smiley Face Patterns

1. Lacy Smiley Face Cloth This is a fantastic pattern for beginning knitters and seasoned pros alike. For beginners, it’s perfect because it doesn’t take too much work. You’ll need to know only the knit stitch, knit 2 together, and yarn over. If you’re more experienced, this will definitely make its way into your repertoire. It makes a quick, fun gift. Even a slow knitter can whip it up in a matter of hours.

2. Reversible MoodHat I absolutely adore this pattern. You can flip the hat inside out depending on your mood. Worn one way it’s a happy face; on the other side, it’s a pirate. Both are pretty happy looking, so it doesn’t matter too much which one you choose.

This is one of those free knitting patterns specifically designed for toddlers, but I added some stitches and made it for my teenage daughter instead, who loved it!

3. Happy Face Ipod/Cell Phone Carrier Just a warning in advance: you can’t access this site’s free knitting patterns without a membership. But the membership is free too (I’ve had one for years) and oh-so-worth it!

Teens and grown-ups alike will love this happy carrying case for all of their technology needs. This is another great knitting pattern to keep on hand for when you need a quick gift or stocking stuffer: it knits up quickly and it’s very cute.

So if you love smilies as much as I do, enjoy working with these free knitting patterns!