5+ Free Patterns for Knitted Flowers to Dazzle & Delight

The easiest way to dress up your plain knitting projects? Knitted flowers!

Is there a bad time to adorn your knitting with beautiful flowers? I can’t imagine one! During the spring and summer months, knitted flowers add seasonal pizzazz to hats and summertime scarves and shawls.

And during the fall and — especially — winter, when the weather gets colder and grayer, and we’re longing for escape? Knitted flowers bring such a welcome splash of color.

The best thing about knitted flowers is that they’re so fast. And so much fun. And unlike real flowers, they never die! (I guess that’s 3 best things… oops!)

Strike all that. The best thing about knitted flowers is that they are a wonderful use of leftover yarn!

Add knitted flowers to pins, and you can change them for every day of the week. Or for whatever mood strikes you. They make great gifts, too, especially if you knit them for young girls. (I’ve made countless flowers for my younger daughter’s friends as birthday gifts. They’re so cute when you attach them to snap clips or bobby pins!)

More Beautiful Flower Patterns

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Leisure Arts has beautiful knitted flower patterns available! These two sets look gorgeous:

  1. Knitted Flowers: 22 Projects to Make
  2. 20 On the Go Projects: Knitted Flowers

If I’ve convinced you to give one of these adorable patterns a try, read on! And don’t worry — these patterns are all as easy as they are fun. And best of all, they’re free!

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Forget-Me-Nots - Eric Haschke
Photo: Eric Haschke

Free Patterns for Knitted Flowers

1. Forget Me Nots These cute little flowers are tiny, lovely accessories for any type of project. They’re quick and easy to adapt. I made the one shown here in about 15 minutes!

Petal Brooch - Eric Haschke
Petal Brooch
Photo: Eric Haschke

2. Petal Brooch This is one of my favorite knit flower patterns. I love the detail on the petals. This isn’t just a few bumps shaped like a flower — it’s the real deal (or as close as it gets). Also, note that you can easily knit just 5 petals rather than the 6 called for in the pattern, as I did here!

Flower Power Posy - Eric Haschke
Flower Power Posy
Photo: Eric Haschke

3. Flower Power Posy Pattern With this pattern, you can create a bouquet! Or, leave the stems off and create a sweet assortment of decorative accents.

4. Five Petal Flower This simple flower is so cute. You can create a different colored center than its petals, which is an easy way to coordinate it with hats, scarves, or other accessories. This makes a great go-to pattern for almost any accent piece.

5. Knitty’s Plethora of Petals This Knitty article offers several types of flower knitting patterns, each unique and pretty in its own way.

I love this knitted flower you see here (it’s the 2nd option). It’s a great introduction to circular knitting. If you ever get bored of knitting a hat within minutes of starting, you’ll love this pattern. (And you can use the larger version, the smaller version, or both together, as you see below!)

With these lovely patterns for knitted flowers, you can create the most delightful and unique projects. What I love best about these adorable flowers is that you can attach them to pins or barrettes and quickly create items for sale or as gifts. I’ve purchased clips so I can attach all the flowers I made and take them to our local thrift shop!

(PS: These work great as charity donations, too, especially for places like women’s shelters!)

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  1. Again thank you for your lovely flowers,
    It’s all a great idear
    I don’t wont to put a damper on it
    My Lovely Mom died 18years ago she taught me how to knit when I was{ 8} She never new I could crochet I tough myself to crochet in lockdown
    I’m now in my { 80th }year I crochet a rose for my Mom and Dads grave , also my sister ,spring/ summer/ Christmas always a red rose christmas, this year my daughter has had to Change flowers for me , hopefully I will do it myself when the weather gets better , my love and best wishes to you and yours keep up the good work Jenny uk 🇬🇧