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Nimble Fingers on the Prairie Accepts Charity Knitting for Needy Children

During the winter holidays, you often see clothing drives that seem tailor-made for charity knitting. I personally have seen mitten trees, scarf trees, hat trees, and even sock trees – all drives seeking warm winter clothing for children in need. Nimble Fingers on the Prairie got its beginning from a similar sort of drive. According to Marybeth Potts, president of Nimble Fingers on the Prairie, she was accustomed to providing items for an area mitten tree, until one year when she no longer saw it. She discovered that the annual drive had been discontinued due to budget constraints. Marybeth saw a need and decided she was just the one to fill it. Her efforts, along with those of other knitters she contacted, developed Nimble Fingers on the Prairie. Together they provide and gather mittens, hats, and scarves and distribute them to needy children all over Minnesota. In addition to gathering such items from knitters and crocheters, Nimble Fingers has a website in which they sell already-knitted items, the proceeds to which helps fund the organization’s efforts. Though currently Nimble Fingers focuses its efforts strictly in Minnesota, they have already begun to expand their operations all over the northern plains. How You Can Help If you knit, of course, you can create hats, scarves, and/or mittens that are warm and cozy. You can then send these items to the address listed on the “About Us” section of the Nimble Fingers website. Do you have leftover yarn or needles that you don’t need or no longer use? You can donate that to Nimble Fingers as well. You may also make monetary donations or purchase an item from their store, both of which help to fund the groups’ activities. As of March 2013, Nimble Fingers has donated over 13,000 items to people in need. If you would like to see your charity knitting go to a truly worthwhile cause, you will definitely want to consider contributing to Nimble Fingers on the Prairie!