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Throwback: Knots of Love – Chemo Caps & NICU Blankets

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Knots of Love continues to supply chemo caps to those in need — and now NICU blankets, too I take my hair for granted, really. It’s always there. I get it cut, I dye it crazy colors, I style it. When I wear a hat, it’s to add a layer of…

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Reach across the World with Charity Knitting: Hats for Israeli Soldiers

Your charity knitting can warm heads on the front lines of battle through Hats for Israeli Soldiers I have written about charity knitting efforts for people in the military many times; however, these have all (or nearly all) been for American military. (I am, after all, in the United States!) This does not, however, mean…

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Support Men and Women Serving Their Country with Charity Knitting through Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a beautiful program that provides care packages for overseas soldiers from the United States. These care packages include many items that soldiers appreciate receiving, including snacks, entertainment, hygiene products, and letters of encouragement and support. They also include an item relevant to all of our interests: handmade scarves.

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Knitting Rays of Hope: Charity Knitting in California for Cancer Patients & NICU Babies

Since 2012, Knitting Rays of Hope has been creating and donating handmade hats both for cancer patients and for premature infants. As of this writing they have contributed well over 3,000 hats to NICUs and cancer centers to warm the heads of those suffering illness.

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With Global Heartfelt Hatters, You Can Knit Warmth for Needy Laos Children

Global Heartfelt Hatters recently reached out to me on the Knitting for Charity Facebook page, and I feel very proud to be a part of spreading the word about this terrific knitting charity.

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Blue Light Babies: Giving Babies Born in Unusual Circumstances the Best Start

Recently I was contacted by Jo Owen via the Knitting for Charity Facebook page. She wrote to let me know of Blue Light Babies and their need for knitters. Here is what she wrote: