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Support Men and Women Serving Their Country with Charity Knitting through Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a beautiful program that provides care packages for overseas soldiers from the United States. These care packages include many items that soldiers appreciate receiving, including snacks, entertainment, hygiene products, and letters of encouragement and support. They also include an item relevant to all of our interests: handmade scarves.

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With Global Heartfelt Hatters, You Can Knit Warmth for Needy Laos Children

Global Heartfelt Hatters recently reached out to me on the Knitting for Charity Facebook page, and I feel very proud to be a part of spreading the word about this terrific knitting charity.

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Minnesota Knitters Lift Their Needles in Support of Knitting Charity Hats for the Homeless

Back when I was compiling suggestions for knitting for the homeless, one of the charities I spoke with said that their group had taken some suggestions from a group called Hats for the Homeless in Minneapolis, MN. I bookmarked the group because I wasn’t sure KnittingforCharity.org had ever featured them.

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Offer Support and Love to Special Olympians via Charity Knitting through the Special Olympics Scarf Project

Sometimes charity knitting organizations just seem to take on lives of their own. The Special Olympics Scarf Project is just such an organization.

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Emily’s Hats for Hope Uses Charity Knitting to Warm the Homeless and Working Poor All Over the World

Editor’s note: at the beginning of 2018, Emily decided that the time had come for her to step down from Hats for Hope because she is moving to Europe to attend graduate school. The main office for Hats for Hope is now Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative . You can also find a spin-off close…

How to Help Survivors of Sexual Violence through Knitting
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How to Help Survivors of Sexual Violence through Knitting

With Threads of Compassion leading the way, you can help promote healing and comfort for survivors of sexual violence by knitting or crocheting scarves.  Sexual violence is a heartbreaking phenomenon that frequently leaves its victims feeling alone, ashamed, even unloved. The statistics are staggering. Over 200,000 Americans experience sexual violence every year. And according to…