Support Troops and Their Families by Knitting for Military Families Ministry

All around the world, knitters are eager to support soldiers and other deployed troops. But one group related to those troops often go unsupported and unnoticed: their families. During her son’s second deployment, military mom Tracie happened to meet another military mom, Paula, whose daughter had been deployed. Their joint worries and fears for their children, and their intense feelings of isolation (no one really understands what it’s like when your children are deployed, aside from other military parents!) led to a deep friendship and a desire to make a difference for others in their position. This is how Military Families Ministry was born, out of two military moms who wanted to join in solidarity and support with other military families struggling with the same fears and isolation. Their mission is simple: “to love, encourage, support, and pray for service members and their families.”

How You Can Get Involved

Military Families Ministry is more than a knitting charity, although you can certainly join in by knitting (more on that in a moment!). There are many other ways you can lend your own support. You can, if you feel so led, start your own group. Tracie and Paula encourage people across the United States to begin their own MFM groups in their own churches and/or communities. You can fill out the Contact Us form here if you’re interested. They offer many different projects throughout the year, usually revolving around holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas – as well as other times of the year. You can check out their Project Partners page to see how your group (or church or business) can get involved with a project. Other ways you can assist are through monetary donations, through cards and letters to troops, or through prayer. Finally, of course, you can knit or crochet! MFM collects prayer patches and shawls. Prayer patches are sent to deployed troops, while prayer shawls are sent to service people’s families. Every patch and shawl is prayed over before it is passed on to its intended recipient. You can find guidelines and patterns on this page, as well as drop-off locations in Pennsylvania. To send patches and/or shawls to the group, you can visit their Contact Us page to receive mailing instructions. Also, if you aren’t able to knit or crochet for this group, you can always donate any extra yarn you may have. As you can see, there are many ways you can show your support both to overseas troops as well as to the families they leave behind through Military Families Ministry. Why not consider how you can help?