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These 6 Free Knitted Dishcloth Patterns Make Quick, Heartfelt Gifts

Looking for quickly-knitted gifts or charity projects? Try one of these free knitted dishcloth patterns!

Quick knitted dishcloth patterns

Do you need a last-minute birthday gift? Wedding or bridal shower gift? How about a graduation party gift?

Or, do you just really want to knit up a big stack of finished projects for a charity?

Enter the humble knitted dishcloth and washcloth. The best thing about these patterns, in my opinion, is that they make fantastic and quick-knit gifts.

And not just for people you know, either. They make wonderful, practical gifts for people in shelters, on reservations, even in refugee camps.

Thanks to knitted dishcloth patterns, you can quickly work up some really pretty projects and offer a heartfelt gift in no time!

Popular Free Knitted Dishcloth/Washcloth Patterns

Gramma's Dishcloth
Gramma’s Dishcloth
Photo: PJ Allen

Gramma’s Dishcloth (Grandmother’s 2nd Favorite): This is a fabulous twist on that old standby, Grandmother’s Favorite. Like the original, you’ll knit it diagonally with a simple eyelet border. The fabulous twist is that this pattern creates perfectly symmetrical corners – an OCDer’s dream!

Ballband Dishcloths
Ballband Dishcloths

Ballband Dishcloth: So named because it has appeared on the ball band of cotton yarns for years. Once knitted, it creates a cute laid-brick design.

Chinese Waves Dishcloth: For a dishcloth that has tremendous scrubbing power, this is the pattern you want to use. The “Chinese waves” design creates a thicker, nubbier pattern than plain garter stitch.

knitted dishcloth
Leafy Washcloth

Leafy Washcloth: Ready to move beyond squares? Try knitting up this pretty leaf-shaped washcloth!

knitted dishcloth
Spa Day Facecloth
Photo: Anne Mancine

Spa Day Facecloth: Knit in a soft, DK-weight cotton yarn, this makes a luxurious face cloth; knit in a sturdier worsted-weight cotton, it makes a strong dishcloth.

Starfish cloth
Starfish Cloth
Photo: Ladoss on Ravelry

Starfish Cloth: This washcloth has a fun starfish shape, and it’s far easier to knit than it looks. Your friends and family won’t be able to get enough of them!

You can create so many delightful projects from the square patterns shown here. You don’t have to use them only in dishcloths or washcloths; in a non-cotton yarn you could also create scarves and blankets.

And of course, the shaped cloths can make wonderful works of art, making beloved gifts. They’re all perfect for both personal and charitable gift-giving!

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