Knitting Organizational Bundle


Included in this bundle:

  • My Charity Knitting Plan
  • Knitting Abbreviations Every Knitter Should Know
  • Works in Progress (WIP) Catalog
  • Knitting Stitch Catalog

My Charity Knitting Plan

Create your charity knitting plan with this PDF of 9 printable worksheets!

Knitting Abbreviations Every Knitter Should Know

WIP (Works in Progress) Catalog

Track your Works in Progress with this handy worksheet!

Knitting Stitch Catalog

Keep track of all your favorite knitting stitches with this handy printable worksheet!


This limited-time bundle has everything you need to help keep your knitting (especially for charity) organized! This bundle includes the My Charity Knitting Plan workbook (a set of 9 printable PDF worksheets), a glossary called Knitting Abbreviations Every Knitter Should Know, and two catalog worksheets, Works in Progress (WIP) Catalog and Knitting Stitch Catalog.  


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