PatPat’s Hats – a Knitting Charity Providing Comfort to Chemo Patients

If you live in the New England part of the United States, and specifically Connecticut, and you have been looking for a nearby knitting charity, take a look at PatPat’s Hats. This program offered its first donation in January 2012 with 650 hats offered to the Smillow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital. This is the same hospital where young Patrick Raymond received treatment for the malignant tumors found on his brain. In order to “pay forward” for the treatment her son received during this difficult time, Patrick’s family – led by the “family knitter” Aunt Betsy – decided to start knitting and collecting hats to offer to Yale, so that other cancer patients could get some comfort and warmth during chemotherapy. Since then, PatPat’s Hats has taken hundreds of hats to Yale New Haven to help their fellow cancer fighters and survivors. They are always looking for more knitters, crocheters, and even sew-ers to help! How You Can Help If you knit, crochet, or sew, you can help by making even one hat. Of course you can always make more! PatPat’s Hats will also take new storebought hats, so if you have any friends who would love to help but don’t make hats, you can encourage them to purchase and donate hats. Need some knitting inspiration? PatPat’s Hats frequently links beautiful knitting patterns to their Facebook page. For more information, including how to contact, a shipping address, and guidelines, you can visit the PatPat’s Hats website. If you love to knit hats, live in or near Connecticut, or feel passionate about helping people who are fighting cancer, PatPat’s Hats may be the knitting charity for you!