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Here’s How to Make Someone’s Christmas Happier with Knitting

Ready to brighten the life of someone in need this holiday season? Here are free patterns, plus 5 suggestions for donating knitted ornaments

Donating knitted Christmas ornaments

What makes ornaments such great projects for Christmas charity knitting? For one thing, ornaments are small, and thus quick to make. They’re also a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays.

Knitted ornaments can also add a touch of fun, beauty, and whimsy to the lives of people desperately in need of all three.

And with Christmas and other winter holidays approaching, many of us are eager to touch the lives of needy folks with knitting. Knitting ornaments is a great way to do this!

Free Ornament Knitting Patterns

First things first: you’re going to need some patterns! Check out these 3 Knitting for Charity holiday and ornament pattern collections.

10 Fantastic, Fun, and Free Ways to Knit up the Holidays

8 Delightful Free Patterns for Cozy, Peaceful Winter & Christmas Knitting

6 Fun, Free, Festive Knitting Patterns for the Holidays

In addition to knitting ornaments for charity, you can also knit several of the patterns featured in these collections for holiday craft fairs. These can be great opportunities to raise money for charity, too!

Ideas for Donating Ornaments and More to Charity

At least five organizations/drives/events in most communities often accept donations of knit Christmas ornaments.

1. Your local ‘Santas Anonymous’ or other Christmas drive for the needy. Low-income folks who can’t afford Christmas dinner groceries certainly can’t afford many Christmas ornaments, so they’re bound to appreciate hand-knit Christmas ornament donations.

2. The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army helps thousands of needy, homeless or low-income folks get through the Christmas season every year. Donations of knit Christmas ornaments will make someone on their list very happy!

3. Women’s shelters, ‘halfway’ houses or treatment centers. Many such residential programs don’t close their doors at Christmastime. That means residents will celebrate the holidays in a shelter or center, away from loved ones. Check with any of these organizations to see if they’d like some knit Christmas ornaments.

4. Jails. As above, people in jail might be helped into a bit of Christmas spirit when they’re incarcerated if they had some knit Christmas ornaments to decorate their surroundings with.

5. Hospitals, seniors homes or long-term care facilities. All of these places put Christmas trees up during the season – sometimes several. Donated knit Christmas ornaments would be a welcome addition to many.

So if this idea appeals to you, hit your phone book (or web browser!) and make some contacts. You may be surprised to find who will appreciate this special gift for the holidays.

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