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10 Fantastic, Free, and Fun Ways to Knit Up Christmas

Many fun knitted ornaments for your tree or for gifts await in this tremendous free pattern collection

Does Christmas sneak up on you every year?

By now it really shouldn’t, right? I mean, every year December 25 shows up, and yes, every year that’s Christmas. (At least with Easter and Thanksgiving we have an excuse…)

And yet. If you’re like me, every year — mid-November if I’m somewhat on the ball, and early December if I’m, well, not — I suddenly realize that people in my life would be blessed by something handknit for Christmas.

Yeah. I suddenly realize this. Ahem.

Now, fortunately for me, most of my family lives hundreds of miles away — and we don’t take planes to visit. We take a car. Road trips are fabulous for knitting up Christmas gifts that you’ve put off entirely too long.

The Perfect Solution to the “Oops I Forgot Christmas Is Coming” Dilemma

But you might not be that “lucky.” (Yes, that’s the only time in my life when I feel “lucky” that most of my family lives so far away!)

If that’s the case, I have a unique solution for you: knitted ornaments!

One great thing about knitted ornaments is that you can use them for so much more than just Christmas trees! You can use them for doorknobs, hooks, or basically any place you want to spruce up with a bit of personality.

And, of course, another great thing about a knitted ornament is that it knits up fast! That’s a blessing for the absent-minded knitter.

Looking for more holiday patterns – like maybe for Hanukkah? Check out the Holidays category from my free knitting patterns collections!

knitted ornament
Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament
Photo: Julie Williams

Bless Your Loved Ones with Knitted Ornament Patterns

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments: The best thing about this pattern, besides the fact that the stockings are ridiculously adorable, is that you can select one of several different charted designs to adorn the stocking.

Stjärna: I love this star pattern because it’s three-dimensional!

knitted ornament
Mini Sweater Ornaments
Photo: Emily Lewis

Mini Sweater Ornament: I think every knitter should have at least one of these (if not an assortment).

Balls Up: How would you like Christmas ball ornaments that are guaranteed never to shatter? I know I would!

Christmas Tree: This is such a simple pattern that I think it would make an exceptional project for a beginning knitter, especially a child.

Owl Ornaments: Yes, I’m still hooked on owls. These are so precious!

Yarn Basket Ornament: Personally, I think that not only is this the perfect knitter’s ornament, but it would also be cute as a decoration on a shelf or desk or bedside table.

Yarn Basket Ornament - Yarnspirations
Red Heart Yarn Basket Ornament
Photo: Yarnspirations

Furry Fairies: Oh, how cute are these little mice fairies? I really want to make some for my children!

Advent Garland 2, Candle: This pretty little candle can have many uses on its own, but designer Frankie Brown made it to be part of an advent garland. If you search her designer page on Ravelry, you can find the pattern for the garland. You’ll also find each individual ornament.

Minikins: Aren’t these tiny elf hats adorable?

Whether you knit them around Christmastime or all year round, you’re bound to find one or many knitted ornament patterns to charm you out of your socks!

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