7 Free, Fabulous Ways to Make a Lovely Hanukkah with Your Yarn

Hanukkah and Jewish festivals take center stage with this free knitting and craft pattern collection

As much as I love Christmas, I’ve often wondered how Jewish folks feel this time of year. I’ve never heard one complain about the ubitiquousness of Christmas when December rolls around. But I can’t help worrying that my Jewish friends might feel left out.

To help fill the void a bit, I put together this collection of free knitting patterns (and one not-knitting but still yarn-based pattern). All of these are either Hanukkah- or Jewish-themed.

Do you have a favorite Hanukkah-themed pattern I haven’t listed here? Be sure to let me know in the comments, and I’ll gladly add it to this list!

Hanukkah-Themed (and Other) Free Knitting Patterns

Hanukkah and Christmas Coasters: These can be either for Christmas or Hanukkah, depending on the colors of yarn you use.

Hanukkah Dishcloths: This is a series of 3 different Hanukkah-themed dishcloth patterns (ignore the first one listed, unless you want to knit a Shih Tzu dishcloth, too!). The great thing about these patterns is that they could be used for projects other than dishcloths; for instance, sew several together and make an afghan, or use one on a larger square and make it a panel for a pillow!

Dreidel Toy: Lion Brand calls this a “catnip pet toy,” which is certainly one way it could be used. Leave out the catnip and it could make an adorable toy for a baby or child, or even a decoration!

Star of David Dishcloth: Self-explanatory, I think!

Kippah: What a beautiful gift this Kippah (also called a yarmulke) might make for a boy (or a man!).

Matzoh Holder: I think this is a really attractive piece for the Passover table.

Finally, just for fun, how about if we throw in a pattern for a Hanukkah garland. It’s not actually a knitting project, but rather a craft project using yarn. It looks like a lot of fun, too, and a beautiful way to decorate your home.

I hope these help my Jewish knitting friends who wish to share the joy of the season with their friends and families, too!

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