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How to Knit for Cancer Patients with Style

As an alternative to chemo caps, kerchief and turban knitting patterns are great choices to knit for cancer patients

Want to knit for cancer patients? Consider that many women undergoing chemotherapy enjoy wearing kerchiefs, bandanas, and/or turbans in addition to or instead of hats.

Both have their advantages. Hats (so long as they’re not lacy) are often warmer and cozier. They’re also easy to throw on your head when you’re on your way out the door.

What kerchiefs have over hats, though, are two things: style and versatility.

A woman already facing hair loss yearns for stylish options. While some beanies can be quite stylish, they may feel a little utilitarian. And in warm weather, wearing a beanie — even a lightweight one — can feel a little strange.

A kerchief or turban, on the other hand, sings style. It’s a bold choice that can make a woman feel just a bit more confident.

Kerchiefs, in addition, offer versatility. They can be tied in different ways to create different looks, and just that can add a bit of fun to headwear.

All of these are excellent reasons to change up your chemo cap knitting in favor of knitting turbans and/or kerchiefs. Below is a roundup of free knitting patterns for turbans and kerchiefs. Any of these would be perfect to knit for cancer patients.

knit for cancer patients
Photo: Steph Conley

Free Kerchief and Turbans to Knit for Cancer Patients

Kerchiefimetry: A lacy kerchief pattern meant to be buttoned rather than tied.

Rosie the Riveter Kerchief: Remember the old Rosie the Riveter war posters? That’s what this stylish kerchief was modeled after.

knit for cancer patients
Red & White Ombre Bandana
Photo: Xandy Peters

Red and White Ombre Bandana: This is a simple bandana/kerchief that you can, obviously, knit with colors other than red and white. I like that it’s unisex.

Bad Hair Day Kerchief: Another solid, simple kerchief that can be knit for both men and women.

Scarfhat/Huivihattu: Part kerchief, part hat, this is another lovely pattern for a young girl.

Esprit Chemo Turban
Photo: Ann Cannon-Brown

Esprit Chemo Turban: A very stylish turban pattern that was created especially for those who have undergone chemotherapy.

Edith Piaf: A lovely hat pattern designed to look like a turban.

All of these kerchief and turban patterns are great ways to knit for cancer patients!

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