8 Delightful, Free Knitting Patterns for Baby & Toddler Boys That You’ll Never Tire of

Suffering from “pink” or “lace fatigue”? Desperately seeking adorable patterns for baby and toddler boys? Look no more: you’re covered here!

Do you ever get “pink fatigue”?

Most knitters love knitting for tiny girl babies. It’s easy to see why; baby girl knitting patterns are plentiful and precious.

However, knitting for baby girls nearly always seems to entail pink everything. And while pink is a lovely color, there are so many other worthwhile colors, no?

You might also get “lace fatigue,” which is a similar sort of issue. Perhaps you fear your eyes will stay crossed for good if you have to knit one more set of yarnovers.

Fortunately, I have good news for you: baby and toddler boys (and their parents) deserve some handknitted joy, too!

Below are several different types of patterns for baby and toddler boys: hats, socks, fingerless mitts, and sweaters. So take a look and consider trying one out for your next charity knitting or gift project!

Barley - baby boy hat
Photo: Tin Can Knits

Gosh-Darned Cute Hats for Tiny Boys

Barley: This utterly precious hat pattern actually offers a multitude of sizes so you can knit one for the entire family! But if you just need a simple yet adorable pattern to whip off the needles for a baby boy, you won’t go wrong with this charming topper.

Scrappy Gnome Hat - Melody Lisa
Scrappy Gnome Hat
Photo: Melody Lisa

Magic Coffee Baby Hat: Here’s a sweetly whimsical baby hat that features skinny stripes and a cute little loop at the top.

Scrappy Gnome Hat: This adorable pattern features two sizes as well, one for babies and one for kids up to adults. Even better: it’s a great way to use up scraps of yarn!

Keep Those Little Toes and Hands Warm

Rye - tin can knits
Photo: Tin Can Knits

Rye: Make socks for everyone in the family, including a pair to cover precious baby or toddler toes.

Ruru - KTheo on Ravelry
Photo: KTheo on Ravelry

Basically Perfect Baby Socks: Or try making a pair of these little darlings, which are specifically designed to fit a baby or toddler’s often chubbier feet.

Ruru: These fantastically adorable fingerless mitts (featuring tiny owls!) are perfect to keep a baby or toddler’s tiny hands warm. They also allow for easy access to the fingers they love to stick in their mouths!

Viggo - DROPS Design Garn Studio
Photo: DROPS Design Garn Studio

Perfect for the Most Stylish Baby or Toddler Boy on the Block

Viggo: His parents will adore this sweet, simple vest with skinny stripes and buttons at the shoulders.

Henry’s Sweater: Here’s a gorgeous, masculine little sweater perfect for a little man.

Henry's Sweater
Henry’s Sweater
Photo: narnia281 on Ravelry

Arm yourself with these most delightful patterns, and you’ll have just the thing to fend off your next battle of pink or lace fatigue!

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