How to Knit a Hat

Some people are incredible knitters, but still aren’t sure how to knit a hat. For some reason, hats present an incredible barrier to some people. Is it something about their shape (or the need to have them fit properly!) that makes people nervous? Never fear, though, if you’re just starting out with hats, these instructions will see you through.

Getting Started

You’ll find all sorts of instructions on how to knit a hat, many using round needles or other frightening things. But in fact, there is a very simple way to knit a hat. All you need are size 8 and 9 knitting needles and a skein of your very favorite yarn. Begin by casting 87 stitches onto the size 8 needles (this pattern makes an average sized hat — like the size you would find in any store. Do a basic rib stitch (K1 P1 on even sides and P1 K1 on odd sides) until the work measures one inch from the beginning. Switch to the size 9 needles and knit another row (you’ll be using one size 8 and one size 9 for this row only).

Reducing the Hat Size

So far, so good: you probably know what you’re doing so far. Now it’s time to start really learning how to knit a hat… reducing. Hats get smaller as they go toward the top — if they don’t, they’re tubes. Let’s start out easy: alternate knit and purl rows, using the size 9 needles, for six inches. Now it’s time to get smaller. Don’t panic; it’s actually very easy. Just alternate the following two rows until you only have seven stitches left on your needle: Row 1: Knit 3, Knit 3 together (yes, all 3 at once). Repeat to the end of the row. Row 2: Purl all stitches Honestly, that’s it — that’s how to knit a hat.

Finish It Off

Cut about a foot and a half of yarn and thread a large sewing needle. Remove the knitting needle from the last seven stitches and thread the sewing needle through those stitches; pull them tight. Fold the right sides of the hat together and sew the edges together. When you reach the bottom, tie a knot, trim the yarn, and turn the hat the right way out. Believe it or not, it’s just that easy. And now you know how to knit a hat!