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How to Bring Comfort & Hope to Preemies & Their Families in the Carolinas

This premature baby knitting charity offers preemies and their families the best of starts to their new lives

Whenever I think of knitting for premature babies, I inevitably recall the story my church’s pastor told one day.

My church has a wonderful knitting group I’m proud to be part of. Every so often, we will place a large collection of the projects we’ve completed for donation on our altar. Our pastors then invite the congregation to lay their hands on these projects and bless them.

During one such service, the pastor told us a story. His own daughter had been born prematurely, and one of the nurses had placed a handmade cap on her tiny head.

premature baby knitting charity - hats
All photos on this page courtesy of Preemies of the Carolinas. Thank you!

He said that he had been absolutely overwhelmed by the thought that a stranger had cared enough to create the hat that would help keep his daughter warm as she started her life sooner than expected.

Why Knit for Preemies? It’s Not Just for the Babies

You see, when it comes to knitting for preemies and knitting for a premature baby knitting charity, it’s not simply about keeping tiny babies warm. Although that’s important, of course.

But equally as important is providing care for their families. Families with a premature infant are thrown into chaos. They had one preparation plan for their expansion, and now they must create and manage another.

Knitting for a premature infant lets another family know that you care for them. You may not know them, and you may not ever meet them. But you are playing a big part in bringing them comfort and hope.

Preemies of the Carolinas: an Amazing Knitting Charity for Preemies

Preemies of the Carolinas began in September 2015 (not long before Knitting for Charity first featured them! ). Inspired by the Preemie Project–sadly, no longer in existence–founder Jennifer Opferman decided to create her own.

Jennifer’s new charity started with Inspirational Hearts. If you’ve read my article about the Mighty Miracles Foundation and about their Bonding Hearts, you know the idea. The Hearts allow for the transfer of scent between parent and preemie.

This provides a bonding experience that parents normally struggle to offer their infants. (Preemies can’t be outside of their isolettes for too long, as they may lose body heat quickly.)

Over time, Preemies of the Carolinas offered other items for donation, including hats and blankets. As of this writing, they currently deliver to 15 different hospitals across North and South Carolina, and they are always looking to expand to more.

How You Can Help Care for Preemies & Their Families

Of course, if you want to knit or crochet, that’s the first way you can help! As of this writing, they need preemie hats, newborn and infant hats, and blankets of all sizes. You can always see the most current list of needs here.

For preemie hat patterns, you can check here.

premature baby knitting charity  - hats by Faith
These adorable hats were created by Preemies of the Carolinas volunteer Faith

If you enjoy sewing, you can sew Inspirational Hearts; you can find a link to download the heart pattern on this page.

You can also knit hearts if you’d prefer; just be sure to knit only in cotton and use only one of the recommended yarns listed by Knitted Knockers. (You’ll find the button to access this list right above the three videos at the bottom of this page.)

(Need a knitted heart pattern? Check out this post, or get my Quick Charity Knitting Wins eBooklet FREE. It includes two heart patterns!)

You can donate other, non-handmade items too. They also need things like plastic zippered bags (for sending donations to hospitals), postcard stamps, flannel, and yarn.

Also, they can always use monetary donations! Charities like these often incur costs, and anything you can offer can help with their mission. (This is a great way for non-knitting or -crocheting friends to help.)

To donate financially, click the “Donate Now!” button on the right sidebar of any Preemies of the Carolinas web page. Visit the Current Needs page for the address to which you can send any other donations.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to help not only infants born too soon, but also their families. Preemies of the Carolinas is absolutely a premature baby knitting charity worthy of your support!

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  1. Dear Nicole,

    I knit/crochet mostly for charity and now working on scarves for those in need. I do it in memory of a kind, righteous man whom we lost during Covid. I would also like to make preemie hats etc… as in your article and I know there’s a great need here in my city, Bronx, New York, but don’t know which hospitals are in most need. I tried calling in the past, leaving messages, trying to find the right person etc…. to no avail as I am sure they are very busy. If you which hospitals near me are in need and a ‘point’ person to speak with, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you so much and bless you for all you do.

  2. There is a machine knitting club in Austin, TX with funds for charity machine knitters. The application deadline is July 10, 2023. Visit the Facebook page of Diana Sullivan Machine Knitting for the application.