Beyond Garter Stitch: How to Create 5 Beautiful Scarves for Free

Enjoy knitting scarves? Check out these 5 fun, free scarf knitting patterns

free scarf knitting patterns

Do you remember the first scarf you ever knit?

If you’re like many knitters, the first scarf you knitted was plain garter stitch. You may have attached fringe at each edge. You probably felt a deep sense of accomplishment when you finished!

(And as an added bonus, you probably felt like you knew the knit stitch.)

Adventures in Newbie Scarf Knitting

Ever the oddball, I did not make my first scarf a straight garter-stitch project. Instead, I alternated between garter and stockinette stitch, changing color for each new block of stitches.

Finishing my scarf was such a thrill! But the curling edges puzzled me. Why didn’t they lie flat?! (Ah, I had so much to learn…)

There’s a reason scarves are the quintessential knitter’s project. It is often the first “major” project a knitter tackles (and, we hope, completes!). They’re can be great for mindless knitting.

And everyone I know who has received a handknit scarf overflowed with appreciation!

Most of us start with garter stitch scarves, but eventually we begin to look for more challenging and interesting patterns. In this spirit, I offer a collection of popular free knitting scarf patterns. They are alike in that all go beyond the standard garter stitch scarf.

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free scarf knitting pattern - One Row Handspun
One-Row Handspun Scarf
Photo: AuntieWerewolf on Ravelry

Popular Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Drop-Stitch Scarf: Drop stitches on purpose and come up with a beautiful scarf!

One-Row Handspun Scarf: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s original pattern, so named because it’s the exact same row repeated until the scarf is as long as you want.

free scarf knitting patterns
Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Photo: Karen Baumer

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf: This scarf can take on a lot of different kinds of looks depending on the kinds and colors you use, which makes for a world of possibilities!

free scarf pattern - Irish Hiking scarf
Irish Hiking Scarf
Photo: Adrian Bizilia

Irish Hiking Scarf: This pretty braided-style scarf has been on my to-do list for a long time!

Entrelac Scarf: Here’s a great way to get started with entrelac if you never have tried it before!

When you’re ready to graduate from garter stitch scarves, these popular free scarf knitting patterns are sure to tickle your fancy. Which pattern is your favorite?

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