5 Fun and Free Loom Knitting Patterns for Bags

Are you hooked on loom knitting? Want to make something really practical? Try one of these 5 delightful loom knitting patterns for bags!

After you have learned a new skill and found that you loved it, did it ever make you want to completely fill your life with it?

For example: many years ago, I took up sewing–with an actual machine, not just with a needle and thread in hand. Over the next year, I was constantly looking for patterns online, convinced that anything I might need, I would be able to sew.

Then I had a baby, and as you might know, sewing and a newborn really don’t mesh all that well!

You know what does mesh well–surprisingly well, even? Knitting and a young baby; after all, I learned to knit not long after my younger daughter was born, and I’ve continued to knit ever since.

The same thing happened when I learned to knit, by the way; I wanted to knit everything I might need! (Some of the pattern collections on this site, I created out of that desire to knit everything. 😁)

Have You Been Bitten by the Loom Knitting Bug?

If you’re a loom knitter, perhaps you’ve experienced this as well–and you may have recently wondered, what else can I create besides hats and scarves?

(Need loom knit scarf patterns? You’ll find them here! You can also find beginner loom knitting patterns here.)

One thing you might not know you can make with a loom is a twiddle muff! But I have a few friends at my church knitting group who make twiddle muffs with a loom, and they always look fantastic. Here’s a post in which you’ll find a pattern if you’re interested!

And then, there’s bags.

Bags?! Yes… you can actually knit many delightful bags using a loom!

Read on and find a fabulous variety of free loom knitting patterns that can help you create a variety of fabulous and delightful bags!

Grab Your Loom and Make a Bag

Basic Tote Bag - Authentic Knitting Board
Basic Tote Bag
Photo: Authentic Knitting Board

Basic Tote Bag

  • What you’ll need: Loom with at least 30 pegs; bulky-weight yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: It’s a simple pattern that’s perfect for beginners, and its adorable square shape makes it irresistibly cute. You can also easily line it, so you can carry heavier items inside.

Hempster Market Bag

  • What you’ll need: A 41- or 48-peg loom; DK-weight hemp/cotton blend or 100% mercurized cotton yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: If it’s a quick and easy bag you’re looking for, this one’s the ticket! The crocheted handles will likely take more time than the bag itself. (You can always loom-knit a set of handles instead, of course.) This bag is not only perfect for taking to the market, but it’s also a great beach or pool bag.

Need a Loom?

Note: the links below are all affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may receive a commission. Thank you for supporting Knitting for Charity!

If you’re in need of a new loom, take a look at some of the options below!

  • From Etsy: Need a round knitting loom? Choose from 4 different sizes, or get the entire set of 4–it’s entirely up to you!
  • From Etsy: It’s a 3D-printed rectangular loom made to order and can come in almost any color you might wish! It’s made from a blend of real wood and biodegradable plastic.
  • From Etsy: the Quilted Bear Loom Knitting Set gives you 4 sizes to choose from!
  • From Lion Brand: Authentic Knitting Board’s Flexee Loom Chunky provides you with the flexibility to enlarge or shrink your loom as needed, simply by adding or removing links as needed. Ingenius!
  • From Etsy: the KnitUK Long Knitting Loom Set offers 4 different sizes-and, yes, my UK friends, this shop is indeed based in United Kingdom!
Soho Bag - Lion Brand
Soho Bag
Photo: Lion Brand

Soho Bag

  • What you’ll need: 28-inch rectangular loom; bulky weight 100% wool yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: So many reasons! First, it’s a bit more of a challenge, thanks to its multiple colors within rows. (Yes, it’s loom-knit colorwork! Wheeee!) Second, it’s one of two bags in this collection that is designed to be felted. Felted bags, of course, are much sturdier, so your beautiful bag will last longer!

Evening Out Elegant Clutch

  • What you’ll need: 41-peg loom; super-bulky weight wool yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: This is our second felted bag in the collection, and it couldn’t be more different from the first! The name tells the story–it is truly an elegant bag that’s perfect for an evening out.

Loom-Knitted Briefcase

Loom Knitted Briefcase
Loom-Knitted Briefcase
Photo: Tuteate
  • What you’ll need: 36-peg loom; super-bulky weight yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: Who wouldn’t want a lovely bag in which to keep their trusty laptop? The pattern is in Spanish, but there’s a YouTube video (in English) for those of us whose Spanish is more than a little rusty–and that can really be helpful for newer loom knitters!

Hooked on loom knitting? Need a new bag? Want to make a fabulous gift? Any of these free patterns could be just what you need, so why not dive in?

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5 Free Loom Knitting Bag Patterns

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