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Fun and Free Loom Knitting Patterns for Totes

If the loom knitting bug has bitten you lately AND if you’re like me, you’re just dying to make all sorts of things with your newfound skills. But, if you’re also like me and in the past you’ve spent way too much on other crafts to later find out you don’t like it after all, then I know how you feel. It can get expensive. The cure? Try these free knitting loom patterns and cut your costs. This way, you won’t invest a lot of money in yet another craft until you know for certain you can do it and you love it. And…I know you will.

Free Knitting Patterns for Totes

Who has too many purses and totes? Not me. That’s why I love these patterns. First up is the Loom Knit Market Bag. This bag is so simple; you can knit it up in a flash. Which is good, because once your friends see it, they’re going to want one. You’ll find a gazillion uses for this market bag. You can make several and actually use it as a market or grocery bag or it makes a great beach bag. Kids can put their wet swimsuits and towels in them and they air dry without becoming moldy. Next up is the BeeBopper Knitted Tote Bag. The finished size is 12″ x 11″ so all ages will love it. The pattern gives instructions for stripes, but if changing colors scares you to death, make a solid color tote or use variegated yarn. With variegated yarn, you’ll end up with the look of stripes without the hassle. A really fun bag that your kids are sure to love is this Candy Corn Bag. You can follow the directions exactly and make your bag look like a big piece of candy corn or you can use different colors and use the bag throughout the year. Purling Sprite made this pattern for her daughter’s Halloween candy bag, but with a little creativity, you can use different colors and yarn types to make a truly unique bag. Need a bag you can really stuff? Try the Goncho Bag. This fun bag measures 17″ x 8″ with stripes of purple, lilac, and gray. Of course, you can make it any colors you want. I personally am leaning toward fuchsia, white and yellow. That would make a bright and cheerful bag. And a bag this fun has to be bright. The Goncho Bag is simple to make. You knit the bag bottom, front, and back. Then bind off. After that, you knit the strap and finish the bag. Another quick, easy and free pattern. If you happen to need another bag, want to try out your new loom knitting skills, or simply use up left over yarn from other projects, any of these bags is just the thing. All of these free patterns take basic looms and loom stitches. So you’ll have no problem loom knitting any of them. Have fun!