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Fun and Free Loom Knitting Patterns for Totes

If the loom knitting bug has bitten you lately AND if you’re like me, you’re just dying to make all sorts of things with your newfound skills. But, if you’re also like me and in the past you’ve spent way too much on other crafts to later find out you don’t like it after all, then I know how you feel. It can get expensive. The cure? Try these free knitting loom patterns and cut your costs. This way, you won’t invest a lot of money in yet another craft until you know for certain you can do it and you love it. And…I know you will.

Free Knitting Patterns for Totes

Basic Tote Bag - Authentic Knitting Board
Basic Tote Bag
Photo: Authentic Knitting Board

Who has too many purses and totes? Not me. That’s why I love these patterns.

Basic Tote Bag

  • What you’ll need: Loom with at least 30 pegs; bulky-weight yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: It’s a simple pattern that’s perfect for beginners, and its adorable square shape makes it irresistibly cute. You can also easily line it, so you can carry heavier items inside.

Hempster Market Bag

  • What you’ll need: A 41- or 48-peg loom; DK-weight hemp/cotton blend or 100% mercurized cotton yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: If it’s a quick and easy bag you’re looking for, this one’s the ticket! The crocheted handles will likely take more time than the bag itself. (You can always loom-knit a set of handles instead, of course.) This bag is not only perfect for taking to the market, but it’s also a great beach or pool bag.
Soho Bag - Lion Brand
Soho Bag
Photo: Lion Brand

Soho Bag

  • What you’ll need: 28-inch rectangular loom; bulky weight 100% wool yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: So many reasons! First, it’s a bit more of a challenge, thanks to its multiple colors within rows. (Yes, it’s loom-knit colorwork! Wheeee!) Second, it’s one of two bags in this collection that is designed to be felted. Felted bags, of course, are much sturdier, so your beautiful bag will last longer!

Evening Out Elegant Clutch

  • What you’ll need: 41-peg loom; super-bulky weight wool yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: This is our second felted bag in the collection, and it couldn’t be more different from the first! The name tells the story–it is truly an elegant bag that’s perfect for an evening out.

Loom-Knitted Briefcase

  • What you’ll need: 36-peg loom; super-bulky weight yarn
  • Why you’ll love it: Who wouldn’t want a lovely bag in which to keep their trusty laptop? The pattern is in Spanish, but there’s a YouTube video (in English) for those of us whose Spanish is more than a little rusty–and that can really be helpful for newer loom knitters!

If you happen to need another bag, want to try out your new loom knitting skills, or simply use up left over yarn from other projects, any of these bags is just the thing. All of these free patterns take basic looms and loom stitches. So you’ll have no problem loom knitting any of them. Have fun!