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4 Free, Simple Loom Knitting Patterns Perfect for Beginners

free loom knitting patterns

Just started loom knitting? You’ll love knitting these 4 patterns – they’re perfect for beginners

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that loom knitting has become very popular. Among charity knitters, it may be even more popular.

It’s easy to see why; loom knitting’s meditative quality may be matched only by “needle” knitting itself. And I’m in awe of some of the beautiful creations you can make with a loom! Several of the women in my church knitting group use looms, and I always love what they produce.

(One of my fellow knitters even makes twiddle muffs using a loom, which I find nothing short of ingenious!)

If you are enamored with the magic of loom knitting, I hope you’ll enjoy these lovely, free, and simple loom knitting patterns!

The Easiest Scarf, made by loom knitting

Loom Knit Scarf For this scarf, you could use a rake loom. But you really don’t need to. Just use a large circular loom, knit a flat panel, and use the flat bind-off method.

Here’s how:

1. Cast on with the e-wrap for 12 stitches or however many e-wraps as you need for the width of scarf you want.

2. Knit the next row

3. Purl the next row.

4. Continue alternating knit and purl rows until your scarf is as long as you want it. Then bind off.

Need a little help? This terrific video by Purling Sprite will show you exactly how to knit a flat panel on a circular loom.

More Simple Loom Knitting Patterns

Becky’s Newborn Loomed Ball This simple pattern creates a charming toy ball. It’s great to knit as practice, but it also makes a great gift for young children and even babies! Cats would love to play with these as well, especially if you add some catnip.

free loom knitting pattern - bootie
Photos: Bev Qualheim
free loom knitting pattern - booties
Loomed Tube Booties

Bev’s Loomed Tube Booties for Newborns Every baby needs some booties. These would be precious made up with soft baby yarn in pretty colors. You’ll make these just like you would a hat or toboggan, just on a small circular loom. Knit them the desired length and finish with the gather removal bind off method.

Loomed Purse This purse is the “hobo” style. Easy to make so it gives you extra practice, but cute enough you’ll use it. You could make this purse using novelty yarns like Lion Brand’s Bellini, Fun Fur, Boing!, or Spinella.

Oval Loom Kit

(Links to yarns are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Knitting for Charity!)

These free loom knitting patterns are great ways to get started. Before long it’ll feel like second nature!

Are you a loom knitting beginner who could use help finding the right loom? Read this post!

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