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4 Simple Loom Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Love

If you’ve just started loom knitting, you’ll love these 4 patterns; they’re perfect for beginners

Do you struggle to knit for any length of time before your hands get tired or sore or cramped?

Are you ever frustrated by how long it takes you to complete a knitting project?

Do you long to settle your mind and your spirits while doing something productive?

If so, you may be a good candidate for loom knitting. In fact, you may have already found how liberating it can be to knit without needles!

The Benefits of Loom Knitting

Though I’m not a loom knitter myself, I can absolutely understand the appeal.

  • It has a similar meditative quality to knitting with needles.
  • Because it puts less stress as well as weight on the hands, it doesn’t produce the hand pain or strain that needle knitting often does.
  • It often turns out finished projects far quicker than knitting with needles.

Personally, I’m in awe of some of the beautiful creations you can make with a loom! Several of the women in my church knitting group use looms, and I always love what they produce.

(One of my fellow knitters even makes twiddle muffs using a loom, which I find nothing short of ingenious!)

If you are enamored with the magic of loom knitting, or wish to become more so, give the loom knitting patterns below a try!

Are you a loom knitting beginner who could use help finding the right loom? Read this post!

The Easiest Scarf, Courtesy of Loom Knitting

To make a scarf, you could use a rake loom. However, if you have only a large circular loom, you can use easily use that! You’ll simply knit a flat panel and use the flat bind-off method. (The video above shows how you can knit a flat panel on a round loom.)

Use whatever weight of yarn fits your loom; you’ll need about 200 to 400 yards of yarn, depending on how long you wish to make the scarf.


1. Cast on with the e-wrap for 12 stitches or however many e-wraps as you need for the width of scarf you want.

2. Knit the next row.

3. Purl the next row.

4. Continue alternating knit and purl rows until your scarf is as long as you want it. Then bind off.

3 More Simple Loom Knitting Patterns: a Ball, a Bag, and Baby Booties

Becky’s Newborn Loomed Ball

  • What you’ll need to make it: About 60 yards worsted weight yarn; 5-inch circular loom with 23 pegs
  • Why you’ll want to: This simple pattern creates a charming toy ball. It’s great to knit as practice, but it also makes a great gift for young children and even babies! Cats would love to play with these as well, especially if you add some catnip.
free loom knitting pattern - bootie
Photos: Bev Qualheim
free loom knitting pattern - booties
Loomed Tube Booties

Bev’s Loomed Tube Booties for Newborns

  • What you’ll need to make them: About 60 yards of DK-weight yarn; 12-peg round loom (the kind used to loom flowers)
  • Why you’ll want to: Baby booties are such a fun gift to give to new parents. Making booties is very similar to making hats, just on a much smaller loom. Since these are so tiny, they’ll take very little time!

Bev’s Loomed Purse

  • What you’ll need to make it: About 240 yards bulky weight yarn; 41-peg round loom
  • Why you’ll want to: This pattern creates a cute little drawstring bag. It’s easy enough to make to give you valuable loom-knitting practice, but cute enough that you’ll absolutely want to use it!

These free loom knitting patterns are great ways to get started. Before long, loom knitting will feel like second nature!

4 Beginner Loom Knitting Patterns

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