Free Star Trek Knitting Patterns for Trekkies Young and Old

Love Star Trek or know someone who does? If so, you’ll love these Star Trek knitting patterns for the Trekkie in all of us

Note: this article on Star Trek knitting patterns was first published in 2009. It’s been updated with corrected links — yay! — and a few additional patterns. Enjoy!)

I sought out free knitting patterns for Star Trek projects simply because the latest movie has created an entire new generation of Star Trek fans in my house. Judging from the reviews and the word on the street, “Star Trek” has a legion of new Trekkies, and toy stores are busy stocking shelves for this latest take on some familiar characters.

Live, Knit and Prosper

Creating a Star Trek version of nearly any knitting item is pretty easy–a blanket, hat, sweater–simply by sewing a Star Fleet insignia onto it. But shake things up a bit, and use one of these patterns and make an entirely new creation for yourself or the Trekkie in your life.

1. Baby Trekkie washcloth

This pattern for a Star Trek insignia washcloth is easy and quick. Knit several for a baby shower gift, and pair them with bottles of baby wash. Obviously, only do this if the parents are Trek fans. This washcloth is sure to elicit smiles, and an eye-roll or two from the grandmother-to-be. If your dad or husband is a fan, check out a similar pattern adapted to a pair of socks.

2. Trekkie little dudes

I just love these “Little Dude” amigurumi dolls. Use the basic pattern (found at the top of the page), along with ideas for accessorizing. Chapman shows Star Trek characters from one of the TV shows, but the pattern easily adapts and it’s simple to include icons like Spock, Kirk, and even Khan. If you get good at it, knit the whole crew of the Enterprise, and how about all of the X-Men too. How much spare time do you have?

3. All ears

Some might take this pattern as proof that Trekkies are not completely sane, but I’m a big fan of crazy, fun knitting patterns. This pattern for Spock ears is no exception. And, hey, they can be practical too. If you’re not too embarrassed to wear these out in public, they make great ear warmers.

4. Trumpet sweater?

This pattern, on the other hand, is what happens when you watch too many Star Trek television spin-off shows. Neelix was enough of a strange-looking guy, with enough hair to knit with. If I were to make this sweater, I’d at least extend the cowl to make a hood.

5. Star Trek Voyager Junior

This darling little romper is perfect for a baby in a Voyager-loving family.

Even More Star Trek Knitting Pattern Links

Can’t get enough? Here are a few more links to Star Trek patterns ‘n’ such:

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Star Trek knitting patterns at Etsy (not free, but fabulous)

Bonus: Get Help with Colorwork Knitting

(The following includes an affiliate link. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.)

Many, many Star Trek knitting patterns involve colorwork knitting. If you’re less than confident in your colorwork skills, check out Craftsy’s fantastic online course Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques. It’ll have you knitting colorwork like a pro!

With these Star Trek knitting patterns, you can boldly go where few knitters have gone before.

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  1. Love the patterns and the links . Thank you.
    But as a diehard Star Trek fan, I must correct you . We are TRECKERS ,not Trekkies.
    Best wishes. 🙂

    1. Really? I swear I’ve been around Star Trek fans my entire life and I’ve NEVER seen the term “Treckers”! Haha. My new thing learned today. 😀

      1. Well, the OP spelled it wrong, for one thing. It’s Trekkers. And most fans are accepting of either term, so don’t let any old random person tell you that one is “right” and the other one is “wrong.”