My purpose for Knitting for Charity and the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter is simple: to help you find ways to knit for charity that brings you joy. Some of these ways include through free knitting patterns, tips for saving money on knitting supplies and instruction, knitting charities you can support, and more.

As much as I love writing for and running this website and its companion newsletter, though, it does have its costs, like server hosting and e-mail list storage. To offset these costs, I accept advertising on the website, and I use affiliate links in the newsletter and in website posts and pages. Affiliate links are links to companies that pay me a small commission whenever their links are used to order products.

I participate in the following affiliate programs and for the following companies: Amazon Services LLC Associates; Darn Good Yarn; Etsy; Knit Picks; Leisure Arts; Lion Brand; and Sridar.

Please know that I do not take my readers’ trust and support lightly! I do not post an affiliate link unless I believe the product linked to is a good product and one that I would use myself. Fortunately, there are many great products out there, and I’m happy to give my readers the opportunity to learn about them.

I am devoted to you, my readers. I want you to be confident that what you read on Knitting for Charity and in the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter is not influenced by money at all. Whatever I write is from my perspective, and my perspective alone. I always strive to be honest and sincere in my writing.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please drop me an email by using the following form. Thank you!