6 Fun, Fantastic, and Totally Free Ways to Knit Fabulous Hats

You’ll find that these six fun and free knitting patterns for hats are wonderful for charity or for gifts

You could knit the simplest of hats, as shown in this guide on how to knit hats.

But if you’re ready to get a little more adventurous, I have a feeling you’ll be eager to check out this collection. It offers six free knitting patterns for hats, all of which walk a little on the… well, wild side is probably an exaggeration. But these hats definitely veer from the beaten path.

Fun Free Knitting Patterns for Hats

knit hats
Photo: Headhuggers

1. Shortie Headhuggers is a fantastic charity that provides hats for chemo patients and others who need them, and they provide many free knitting patterns as well. “Shortie” is a creative, cute, and quick to make little cap that works ideally for charitable knitting and spring hats alike.

Scarf Hat
Photo: Sarah White

2. Scarf Hat Be honest: haven’t you always wanted a hat attached to a scarf? No? That’s because you haven’t seen this little number. Perfect for teens who think they’re too cool for scarves and hats — it’s cute enough that even teen girls will think it’s funky and fun.

3. Norwegian Star Hat This hat is so pretty it looks like a cake. This is the perfect pattern to make for a gift or other special occasion: you’ll love watching it build up. It looks more complicated than it really is. With a little attention to the pattern, you’ll find it far easier than you could dream.

4. Button Tab Hats This pattern is modeled on a Banana Republic hat, and you really can’t tell the difference — it looks like something you’d see in a fancy catalogue or at a trendy store. The pattern itself is pretty simple. It’s that button accent that makes all the difference!

5. G8 Caps: Fez Style Colourful Caps These adorable, colorful hats come in adult and child sizes, so you can make matching sets for any parent and child. They feature a checkerboard design on top, a vertical-striped brim, and a stylish fez tassel. They also look way more difficult than they really are!

6. Pencil Case Hat  This pattern started life as a failed pencil case. The designer popped it atop her head, and the rest was history. The style reminds me of the “pussy hats” created in 2017 for the Women’s March event. And I think it’s adorable! (I’m sure my 11-year-old daughter, who loves anything with cat ears, would wear the heck out of this one.)

And there you have it… six varied and stylish hats for your knitting pleasure. All fun, many funky, and all completely free!

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  1. Nicole, could you e-mail the Button Hat pattern to cxb1091@ comcast.net? I tried to download it but wasn’t able to. I am new to knitting and these hats look so cute and unique! I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks, Christine Bessmer