Emily’s Hats for Hope Uses Charity Knitting to Warm the Homeless and Working Poor All Over the World

Editor’s note: at the beginning of 2018, Emily decided that the time had come for her to step down from Hats for Hope because she is moving to Europe to attend graduate school. The main office for Hats for Hope is now Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative . You can also find a spin-off close to you here

In December 2011, Emily Kubin of New Jersey wanted to reach out and help the homeless and working poor in her community of Morristown. She began knitting hats, scarves, and other winter accessories for them and invited others to do the same. Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative was born. Emily was just 17 years old.

Fast forward a few years, and you’ll find Emily’s charity initiative still going strong!

Not only has Emily herself continued to knit for her community (along with an army of volunteers), but her Hats for Hope has spawned a number of spin-off initiatives. You’ll find Hats for Hope all over the United States, as well as in Australia, Canada, and Denmark.

That’s because Emily has not only requested knitted items for the needy in her community, but she has also encouraged knitters worldwide to offer hope to their own communities’ needy through their own chapters. There are needy folks all over the world; no place on the globe is immune from the difficulties of poverty.

Therefore, now is always a good time to knit for a Hats for Hope.

How You Can Help

Charity knitters have many different ways they can help Emily’s Hats for Hope. First, if you yourself live in New Jersey, you can donate handknitted items to EHFH. They accept nearly all knitted items in a washable yarn. You can check out the guidelines here (scroll down to the Guidelines for Making Items to Donate section).

As Emily has now moved on, the spin-off Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative is now the main office. You can ship completed items to the address listed on the home page here.

Do you happen to own more yarn than you know what to do with? Emily would love to have yarn to take with her to Europe! On her home page, Emily explains what yarn she needs and where you can send it.

What if you live nowhere near New Jersey? You have two options.

First, of course, you can go ahead and send your donations to Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Linda would be happy to have your offerings. Second, you can check the updated list here and find your nearest Hats for Hope spin-off. All of these groups were mentored by EHFH and operate in the same manner as Emily’s original group.

With the colder months approaching, Hats for Hope and all its spin-offs really need your knitted donations more than ever. Why not consider charity knitting for a Hats for Hope chapter?