Here’s How You Can Help Warm the Homeless and Working Poor All Over the World

With the return of Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative, knitters can once again begin to work hard at helping those in need stay warm during the coldest months

In December 2011, Emily Kubin of New Jersey wanted to reach out and help the homeless and working poor in her community of Morristown. She began knitting hats, scarves, and other winter accessories for them and invited others to do the same.

And so was Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative born. The founder was just 17 years old.

Taking a Break for School…

At the beginning of 2018, Emily stepped down from Hats for Hope when she moved to Europe to attend graduate school. Her mission lived on in the many, many spin-off chapters she inspired all around the country and even overseas.

Jill's Hats - Photo by EHFHI
Jill’s Hats
Photo: Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative

Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative became the de facto “main office” for the Hats for Hope cause. Many other chapters continued to work hard at creating and donating hats for needy folks in their own communities.

… and Then Starting Up Again

Happily, in 2022 Emily’s family decided to relaunch the Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative (EHFHI) because of the tremendous need they saw for what they could provide. Emily’s mother Jill, in particular, has been hard at work on a knitting machine to provide hats of her own.

(And in more good news, Emily herself still makes hats–from Europe! She brings them when she visits home twice a year.)

Emily of EHFHI
Emily during a trip home
Photo: Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative

EHFHI continues to encourage knitters (and crocheters!) worldwide to offer hope to their own communities’ needy. There are needy folks all over the world; no place on the globe is immune from the difficulties of poverty.

Therefore, now is always a good time to knit for a Hats for Hope.

How You Can Help

Charity knitters have many different ways they can help Emily’s Hats for Hope. First, if you yourself live in New Jersey, you can donate handknitted items to EHFH. They accept nearly all knitted items in a washable yarn. You can take a look at this Facebook post for guidelines (there aren’t many!) as well as the shipping address.

Emily's Hats for Hope
Photo: Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative

If you would prefer to donate locally (in the spirit of Emily’s original vision), you can find a list of spin-off chapters in this Facebook post. Please note that this is an older list, and you’ll want to contact the group before you begin to ensure they are still accepting hats.

Emily's Hats for Hope (more hats)
Photo: Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative

With the return of EHFHI, along with its ever-present spin-offs, your hats (particularly adult-sized) will find a ready home and make a warming difference for needy folks around the world. Why not consider knitting Hats for Hope?

Emily's Hats for Hope Intitiative

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  1. I am looking for a charity to donate yarn, knitting needles etc. where the yarn will be used by knitters to knit for those in need of some warmth.

    I do not knit but my mother did and I have all of her knitting supplies I am looking to donate.

    1. The vast majority of the patterns listed on this site are knit. If you do a search for “crochet patterns” (and use the quotation marks too), you should be able to find the handful of crochet pattern collections I’ve published.