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Anything you could possibly want regarding prayer shawls, from patterns to charities, you’ll find at this site

Prayer Shawl Ministry

What kind of charity knitting do you most often prefer?

I’ve found there are three types of charity knitting: mindless knitting, intentional knitting, and mindful knitting.

I made these designations up all on my own πŸ˜† so let me explain what I mean!

Those who tend toward mindless knitting like to turn off their brains while they knit. They enjoy having their hands busy while they’re doing something else, like listening to music or watching a movie.

Those who prefer intentional knitting like to focus on whatever they’re knitting. They like the brain-testing aspects of knitting, so they enjoy learning new techniques. They also enjoy following patterns and watching the design unfold.

Then there are those who like mindful knitting.

In some ways, mindful knitters are like mindless knitters (even though you’d think they’d be the opposite). They don’t necessarily like to get caught up in the actual technical aspects of their projects. So they usually like somewhat simpler projects.

But in other ways mindful knitters are like intentional knitters. They actually focus on their projects, not on some other outer stimulation.

Mindful knitters are the ones who usually enjoy what’s commonly called the “meditative” quality of knitting. While they create the same or similar series of stitches, they’re often in a different sense of consciousness entirely than either mindless or intentional knitters.

Now, while I said that there are three kinds of charity knitting, I don’t mean that all knitters prefer only one of the three kinds. Many knitters can enjoy any or all three of the types.

But if you’re one who really enjoys mindful knitting, I think it’s safe to say that prayer shawl knitting might be just your cup of tea!

Looking for a charity that takes shawls? Take a look here!

Prayer Shawls & Their Ultimate Champions

Prayer shawls have been a part of charity knitting for a very long time. Ministries exist all over the United States as well as all over the world.

Creating prayer shawls are a popular way for knitters and crocheters to make a difference. After all, the prayer shawl offers a measure of genuine comfort and support to anyone going through difficult times.

And if you want to learn about prayer shawls, the best resource online is the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Now, this site does not function like most knitting charities. You won’t here find a specific set of guidelines or an address to send them to when you’re done. However, you will find that most any question you have about prayer shawls can be answered here!

Janet Severi Bristow and Victoria Galo began the site in 1998. Since then they have published multiple books about prayer shawls, including the following.

Want to Get Started in Prayer Shawl Ministry? Start Here

So, if you’re interested in getting involved in prayer shawl ministry? Visit the Prayer Shawl Ministry Home Page and you’ll be just where you need to be.

  • Looking for a pattern? You can find the original prayer shawl pattern published by Janet and Victoria here. If you’re looking for another type of shawl, you can check out the knitting patterns here or the crochet patterns here.
  • Want to recite prayers before, during, and after the creation of a shawl but aren’t sure what words to use? A group of prayers especially for shawl creation can be found here.
  • Need to know where you can take or send your shawl when it’s finished? A terrific listing of prayer shawl ministries all around the United States can be found here, and a list of nationwide and international prayer shawl programs can be found here.
  • Want to begin your own prayer shawl ministry? Check out the very helpful tips for beginning a group here.
  • Need more help? Email the webmasters directly here.

This website is the best resource for prayer shawl knitting (and crocheting) that I have ever seen. If you feel called to prayer shawls, the Prayer Shawl Ministry is a can’t-miss site!!

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