You’ll Find These Knitting Patterns for Fiber-Bearing Animals Irresistible

Where would we knitters be without fiber-bearing animals? Even if you’re allergic to certain fibers like wool or alpaca, we must pay homage to those animals that offer us their fiber, because without them knitting might not exist at all! Knowing this, I think many of us knitters do feel a special affinity towards fiber-bearing animals. Sheep are frequently used as a sort of mascot to the knitting world. Alpacas are some of the most adorable animals around. Goats are incredibly friendly. It’s probably unsurprising that there is an enormous selection of knitted sheep patterns available online! But I did some digging and also found patterns for a goat (from which we get cashmere) and an alpaca. So if you can’t resist fiber-bearing animals, check out this delightful collection! Free Patterns for Knitted Fiber-Bearing Animals Bobble Sheep Pillow: I’ll begin with what must be the cuddliest pattern in the bunch. I think one of these should be on the bed of every knitter! Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing: A handful of sheep that you can dress in an adorable sweater of its own! Fluffy Little Sheep: I think a group of these together would look simply smashing in a craft room or knitting space! Lambie: A tiny lamb that comes complete with its own little bow, from which you can hang wherever you want. Little Lamb Sock Critter: Part of Lion Brand’s “Sock Critter” series, this one is inspired by sock monkeys and is great practice for cables. Old Fashioned Sheep Toy: This sheep can be knit in two different versions: as a simple cuddly softie, or as a pull-toy. Knitted Sheep in Woolly Land: These adorable little sheep come with a fun story, and they were designed to offer several different variations. Flounce the Fluffy Alpaca: If you have some spare eyelash yarn, it would be perfect for knitting the sweet, cuddly Flounce. Fester the Whole Goat: Fester is knitted all in one piece, making his construction perhaps a bit easier. If you want to give him the look of a cashmere or an angora goat, you can use some eyelash yarn for his body. I think you’ll find these fiber-bearing animals as irresistible as I do, and I hope you’ll be inspired to knit a few for yourself!