Monkey Around and Knit Sock Monkeys!

What could be more fun than monkeys? Something about monkeys just makes me smile. Maybe it’s their expressive faces, so like ours. Maybe it’s their long tails that act like additional hands. Maybe it’s the funny sounds they make. Whatever the reason, something about a monkey just screams “fun” to me. That is why I have always loved sock monkeys. I adore the original sock monkeys, with their marbled-gray bodies, white faces, red muzzles. But I enjoy variations, too. In fact, when my daughters saw photos of sock monkeys and begged me to make one for each of them, I made them in their favorite colors. One was pink, the other was purple. They loved their new brightly-colored friends. You may have seen sock monkeys and various patterns to help you make them. Did you know that the sock monkey motif shows up in non-toy patterns, too? I’ve seen patterns for sock monkey blankets, fingerless mittens, hats, and even a sock monkey cup cozy! If you want fun, it’s tough to beat a sock monkey. Following are a whole bunch of free sock monkey-related patterns. The first two are for actual sock monkeys; the rest are for other kinds of patterns with sock monkey motifs.

Sock Monkey and Related Patterns

Sock Yarn Sock Monkey Nean the Bean’s Sockless Sock Monkey Sock Monkey Dishcloth Sock Monkey Hat (with big monkey ears!) Sock Monkey Hat (with earflaps, ties, faces, and a pom pom top) Sock Monkey Fingers Popped Out (fingerless gloves) Sock Monkey Fingerless Coffee Gripper Mitts Sock Monkey Cup Cozy Get to Work Baby Socks Sock Monkey Scarf Sock Monkey Baby Blankie (Note: click the “projects” tab to see what this blanket really looks like – you’ll see that “sock monkey” motif more easily!) Finally, check out Susie Rogers’ adorable collection of clothing for sock monkeys! One final note about these patterns: if the pattern link is on Ravelry and you see a link to a blog or another, non-Ravelry website, stick with downloading from Ravelry. The website link is most likely broken, but fortunately, Ravelry downloads never go away! Now that you have some fun and fabulous sock monkey patterns, it’s up to you. Go bananas! (Sorry… I had to say it!)