Yes, You Can Make Your Own Knitting Needles!

Need knitting needles but are short on cash? You can try to make your own knitting needles! 

Knitting needles are indispensable to the knitter’s livelihood. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be quite expensive, especially if you need several sizes and types for one project, or if you’re a beginning knitter and don’t already have an extensive collection of needles. But did you know you can make your own knitting needles? 

I did not realize until recently that many tutorials are available online to help you do just that. You can make straight needles, double-pointed needles (DPNs), even circular needles. And if you happen to own the Boye Needlemaster Interchangeable Circular Needle Set, you can make new cables!

So if you’re feeling cheap, adventurous, or both, here’s a set of tutorials for making your own knitting needles.

Tutorials for Making Your Own Knitting Needles

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Make Your Own Knitting Needles: This is a video tutorial, and it is extremely thorough and detailed. She shows you the entire process step by step. You can make both straight needles and DPNs this way.

Lightsaber Knitting Needles: Feeling ambitious and adventurous? Have a knitting friend who’s a Star Wars buff — or just want needles to help you see a bit better when you’re knitting in the evening? Check out this amazing guide to glow-in-the-dark knitting needles!

DIY Rainbow Knitting Needles: Do you adore Knit Picks’ Rainbow Wood Needles but not so much the price? This tutorial will have you making beautiful, multi-colored wooden needles. You can even involve children in the fun!

Create Your Own Boye Needlemaster Interchangeable Cables: The Boye Needlemaster Interchangeable set is very appealing to frugal knitters (it’s the least expensive option out there, and it has the greatest range of sizes), but some aren’t crazy about its cables. This clever Craftsy member made her own, with stellar results, and shared this tutorial for all to enjoy!

Make Your Own Circular Needles: Like the previous tutorial, this also uses weed-whacker trimming line, but you can make an entire pair of circular needles from this tutorial!

I don’t know about you, but just looking through these tutorials makes me want to give this needle-making business a shot. If nothing else, think of what great gifts homemade knitting needles would make for knitting friends!

For more fun with needles, check out this delightful article from All Free Knitting: 24 Absurdly Clever Knitting Needle Alternatives!

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