Learn to Knit with Double-Pointed Needles (DPNs) with These Tutorials

Have you shied away from circular knitting because DPNs look intimidating? Take a look at this collection of terrific tutorials

DPN Tutorials

Once upon a time, I found circular knitting (also called knitting in the round) intimidating. Unnecessary. I enjoyed flat knitting and found my straight needles perfectly adequate.

I even remember saying to a fellow knitting friend about double-pointed needles (DPNs): “I don’t think I’ll ever use them.” And I was fairly insistent that I couldn’t imagine a time when I would ever want to knit in the round.

Flash forward several years, to today, and I most certainly do use DPNs! I still use circular needles a lot more often (I Magic-Loop almost all of my circular knitting), but DPNs are very valuable to me, particularly for knitting fingers for gloves or fingerless gloves and I-cords, and as cable needles.

I will never ditch DPNs altogether!

Once I learned how to use DPNs, I rather forgot that I had ever found them intimidating. But one day, I received an email from an 11-year-old named Sadie. (That was a wake-up call in itself! I had no idea that anyone that young read the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter.)

Sadie told me, “I still can’t do double-pointed needles, except for finishing the top of a hat.”

I shall forever be grateful to young Sadie, who reminded me of just how tricky DPNs can seem when you first consider them. DPNs can be seem even harder for young fingers, as they are still growing in dexterity.

If you feel intimidated by DPNs, let me first assure you that they are trickiest to handle when you first begin a project with them. After a few rows (or “rounds” as they are normally called in circular knitting), they are much easier to manage!

So here I’ve rounded up for you a collection of handy tutorials to help you learn to get the hang of DPNs.

You’ll find more DPN help in two other posts on this site. I’ve shared my own tips on knitting with DPNs in this post. And in this post, you’ll receive a collection of free, easy knitting patterns to help you improve your DPN skills!

DPNs Tutorials

StitchDiva: This is a great tutorial because not only does it offer an illustrated step-by-step guide, but it also features a video tutorial.

Purl Soho: This is another fine illustrated step-by-step guide, and the photos are very close-up, so they’re easy to follow.

For Dummies: I really like this tutorial because in addition to photos and step-by-step instructions, it also includes little tips to help you stay on track.

Knitting Help.com: KnittingHelp.com always has great videos, and this one is no exception. It’s a very clear video with great tips throughout the demonstration.

Knitpicks: In my opinion, this is the clearest, photo-wise, of the illustrated tutorials.

I hope you find these tutorials helpful. Take a close look at each one, and give circular knitting a try with whichever one you find easiest. I think you’ll love the world that opens up to you when you try knitting in the round with DPNs!

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