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Part 1 in Learning to Knit with Double-Pointed Needles (DPNs): Tutorials

Have you shied away from circular knitting because DPNs look intimidating? Read Part 1 of this series for a collection of terrific tutorials

This is Part 1 of a three-part series about knitting with double-pointed needles, or DPNs. Here you’ll find Part 2, and here you’ll find Part 3.

Those of us who have been knitting for a while sometimes forget that some techniques seem really scary to a new knitter. I myself was guilty of this in regards to circular knitting. After over 7 years of knitting, I could barely remember when circular knitting — especially with DPNs — seemed daunting.

I even remember saying to a fellow knitting friend about DPNs: “I don’t think I’ll ever use them.” Well, flash forward several years, and I most certainly do use DPNs! I still use circular needles a lot more often (I Magic-Loop almost all of my circular knitting), but DPNs are very valuable to me, particularly for knitting fingers for gloves or fingerless gloves and I-cords, and as cable needles. I will never ditch DPNs altogether.

But I had forgotten that DPNs can be a little tricky to learn until I received an e-mail from 11-year-old Sadie. I had no idea that anyone that young read the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter, and I am so very glad that Sadie wrote to me to let me know she is in Readerland! I can only assume that if young Sadie is reading, other youngsters may be reading as well. Sadie admitted that “I still can’t do double-pointed needles, except for finishing the top of a hat.”

And that reminded me of just how tricky DPNs can seem when you first consider them. DPNs can be seem even harder for young fingers, as they are still growing in dexterity. I assure you, though, that DPNs are trickiest when you first start a project with them. After a few rows (or “rounds” as they are normally called in circular knitting), they are much easier to manage!

So here, in Part 1, I’ve rounded up for you a collection of handy tutorials to help you learn to get the hang of DPNs. In Part 2, I’ve shared my own tips on knitting with DPNs, and in Part 3, you’ll receive a collection of free, easy knitting patterns to help you improve your DPN skills!

DPNs Tutorials

StitchDiva: This is a great tutorial because it is shows not only an illustrated step-by-step guide, but it also features a video tutorial.

Purl Bee: This is another fine illustrated step-by-step guide, and the photos are very close-up, so they’re easy to follow.

For Dummies: I really like this tutorial because in addition to photos and step-by-step instructions, it also includes little tips to help you stay on track.

Knitting always has great videos, and this one is no exception. It’s a very clear video with great tips throughout the demonstration.

Knitpicks: In my opinion, this is the clearest, photo-wise, of the illustrated tutorials.

I hope you find these tutorials helpful. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll share my own tips with you for using DPNs!