Wrap a Baby in Comfort with One of These Cuddle Blanket Patterns

Cuddle blanket patterns make very special charity knitting projects. They split the difference between a soft toy and a security blanket. They’re part-blanket, part-cuddly toy, and all greatly appreciated by babies and toddlers living in difficult conditions. Today we have an adorable roundup of cuddle blanket patterns. Knit them for charity, knit them as a special gift, or knit them for one of your own children. No matter who you knit them for, you’ll enjoy the reward of creating a special buddy for a special child.

Cuddle Blanket Patterns

Cuddly: This is a Norwegian pattern translated into English for a bunny cuddle blanket. Teething Dolly: This isn’t exactly the same as a cuddle blanket, but it is a soft toy that doubles as a friend and as a way to sooth those aching gums as they cut teeth. Schmusetuch “Frosch”: Loosely translated, this German phrase means “Security Blanket Frog,” which is a good explanation of this cheery, adorable pattern. It’s available in English as well as German. Bunny Blanket Buddy: The name truly says it all. Cuddle Cloth: It’s a teddy bear and a cuddly blanket all in one. BBF: It stands for Baby’s Best Friend, and it is so sweet. Enjoy knitting any of these cuddle blanket patterns and experience the rewards of knitting for babies and toddlers!