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How to Offer Knitted Love to Orphaned Baby Animals Worldwide

If you love animals and are eager to help them, Wildlife Rescue Nests is the partner you need

Wildlife Rescue Nests

If I know anything about charity knitters, it’s that we can’t resist knitting for animals!

Without fail, anytime an appeal goes out to knit or crochet anything for animals, yarncrafters turn out in droves. And before long, the organization in question will drown in knitted and crocheted animal assistance!

So I want to introduce all of you to Wildlife Rescue Nests, a charity that offers knitted and crocheted nests to wildlife rescue organizations for birds and small mammals.

Wildlife Rescue Nests started life as a Canadian organization. A woman named Katie started it in 2013, hoping to supply nests for wildlife rescue centers in Ontario. Little might she have imagined how it would take off!

Today, Wildlife Rescue Nests supplies nests not just in Ontario but all over Canada, and not just Canada but all over the world!

Photos: Wildlife Rescue Nests

They now send nests all over the United States as well as to Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. It has become a truly international organization.

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How You Can Help

With all the rescue centers around the world receiving nests, Wildlife Rescue Nests can always use more knitters!

If you’d like to do your part, head to their website. They have a special volunteer registration page you can use. Just read the information and then click the Volunteer Registration button to get started. 

When you register, you’ll receive a special Volunteer Guide that will give you all the information you need regarding the making of nests. You’ll also have access to discussion boards, video tutorials, printable care tags, and more. 

Photos: Wildlife Rescue Nests

You’ll even get access to a searchable database of the hundreds of wildlife rescues to which you can send your completed nests! 

And if you ever need a little inspiration, take a look at their Facebook page. You’ll find a multitude of adorable photos of baby animals snuggling in their handmade nests. Too precious for words! 

(That is, if the photos Wildlife Rescue Nests so graciously allowed me to post here aren’t enough…)

Photos: Wildlife Rescue Nests

So if you love animals and would love to help some feathered or furry friends in need, why not knit nests for Wildlife Rescue Nests?

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