5 Fabulous, Free Sock Knitting Patterns Perfect for Older Children & Teenagers

Want to knit socks for older children and teenagers as gifts or as charity projects? These fun sock patterns will keep you smiling

Free Sock Patterns for Children & Teenagers

Sock knitting patterns for adults are everywhere. So are baby booties patterns. But sometimes, children get left behind in the wonderful world of sock knitting.

But the feet of children and teenagers get cold, too! And, unfortunately, when it comes to charity knitting, sometimes older children and teenagers get left out in the cold, because baby booties are so much fun to knit. And sock knitters are so accustomed to creating those socks for adults.

If you want to serve the sometimes-forgotten older children and teenagers through handknitted socks, however… the following patterns should be just the ticket!

Want a good, basic sock pattern for using with self-striping or variegated yarn? You can find those here. Would you prefer a pattern that is a little more interesting and complex? You’ll find that here, too!

Looking for sock knitting patterns for younger children? You’ll find those here!

Sock yarn!

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Here are some fabulous sock yarns from Knit Picks:

Cozy Toes - socks for kids
Cozy Toes
Photo: Lismi Knits

Older Children & Teenagers Will Love These Socks!

Cozy Toes: This is a great, basic pattern designed especially for charity knitting projects. If you’re new to sock knitting, this pattern is perfect for you, because it uses any weight of yarn you may have available.

Ankle Biter Socks: I absolutely adore the sweet look of these ankle-length socks. I love the way the pattern offers a spreadsheet to help you find that perfect fit, too. For this reason, the pattern is best suited for a specific individual you plan to knit for.

(You can, of course, always hang onto your measurements and continue making additional pairs for charity!)

Hat Heel Sock for babies
Hat Heel Sock
Photo: Kathleen Sperling

Stashbuster Spirals: if you knit a lot of socks and have a large collection of leftover sock yarn, you will love this pattern — it was designed especially for using sock yarn leftovers!

Hat Heel: I’ve never seen a more unusual sock pattern. You start at the HEEL — not at the toe or cuff — and work your way out. It’s called “hat heel” because you start the sock as you would a tiny hat from the top down. This pattern is very customizable; in its original design it makes a basic stockinette sock, but you have endless customization options!

Spinning Owl Socks: Just the name makes me smile. The spinning spirals add visual interest to socks written in multiple sizes. They work equally well in solid and variegated or self-striping yarns.

Sock knitting is addictive, and what could be more enjoyable than knitting socks for kids? They’re a fun way to show often-forgotten children and teenagers how much you care about their well-being.

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