12 Adorable (and Free) Knitting Patterns for the Tender Feet of Children

free sock knitting patterns for children

Children need socks, too! Here’s a collection of free, sweet sock knitting patterns

I often find collections of baby socks or booties. I also find adult sock knitting patterns abundant. But, sometimes I think we might have trouble finding socks for children.

But especially in colder countries where many children live in orphanages, socks are absolutely essential. Sadly, many children grow up in such orphanages. And the donated clothing tends to slowly run out as they get older.

Socks are so important because cold feet can lead to health problems. And so warm socks are tremendously important for needy children.

For charity knitters, socks for children are a wonderful project because they take the joy of knitting socks and combine it with a smaller scale. Thus it takes far less time to knit socks for children. (This makes the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome far easier to fend off, too.)

So here is a collection of free knitting patterns for children’s socks. I hope you’ll enjoy finding the right pattern for you!

free sock knitting patterns
Photo: TinCanKnits

Free Knitting Patterns for Children’s Socks

Rye: This is a combination of knitting pattern and tutorial, which makes this sock pattern a great one for beginning sock knitters to try. You can knit these in sizes from baby to adult.

Cozy Toes: The designer created this pattern especially for charity knitting. You can use worsted, aran, and bulky weight yarn for thicker, warmer socks.

free sock knitting patterns
Photo: Nicola Susen

Longitudinal: This pattern is definitely not for a beginner! It is, however, perfect for an experienced sock knitter who is bored with same-old, same-old construction and vertical striping.

Tiny Toes
Photo: DROPS Design

Toe-Up Toddler Socks: Want to try your hand at toe-up socks for little ones? This pattern is the perfect one to try.

Tiny Toes by DROPS Design: DROPS created these adorable socks in sizes from baby to toddler. Get a big ball of sock yarn and knit a bunch!

free sock knitting patterns
Basic Socks
Photo: Yarnspirations

Basic Socks: These lovely classic socks are sized from toddler to adult man. If you have DK yarn available, you’ll love using it in this pattern.

free sock knitting patterns
One Sock Stop
Photo: Annie Coppell

One Sock Stop: If you want one simple pattern that can be adapted for absolutely anyone, this is a terrific pattern to have on hand. You can use it for all your charity and gift knitting needs.

free sock knitting patterns for children
Socks for Mary Janes
Photo: Staci Perry

Socks for Mary Janes: This adorable cabled sock pattern is specifically for small girls ages 2 to 6.

Hat Heel Sock: This is another pattern that babies through adults can wear. Only the truly adventurous sock knitters are willing to try a unique sock construction should attempt this pattern!

Rainy Day Boot Socks: Three things make this pattern unique First, you’ll knit these in worsted weight yarn. Second, you’ll knit a brief stranded pattern. Finally, you’ll enjoy its picot edge.

free sock knitting patterns
Waffle Socks 28
Photo: Kathleen Thomas

Waffle Socks 28: Here’s another pattern written specifically with charity knitting in mind. For toddlers and children, it features a fun waffle stitch pattern.

free sock knitting patterns for children
Riblet Socks
Photo: Katt Walker

Riblet Socks: Toddlers and children will love their toasty toes in these fully-ribbed socks. The full ribbing ensures that they will stretch to fit most children, making them perfect for charity knitting.

I hope that this collection of free knitting patterns for children’s socks will inspire you to knit socks for children, either as gifts or for charity!

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