8 Fantastic, Free Ways to Knit a Fabulous Headband

If you need a quick, easy, frugal, fun knit, look no further than these headband knitting patternsknitted headband patterns

See if you can identify with any of these situations:

  1. You have a small amount of gorgeous yarn that you want to knit something with. But you’re not sure what you could knit with such a small amount.
  2. You desperately need a knitting win. You’re drowning in time- and yarn-consuming projects. You really want to knit something quickly and feel the heady rush of completion.
  3. A birthday — or some other sort of gift-giving occasion — snuck right up on you, and you don’t have much time to knit a gift.
  4. You’re tired of your ears freezing, and you’re not willing to let all the time you spent on your hair this morning go to waste after you tug a beanie over them.

Headband knitting patterns can solve any or all of these problems. Best of all, the collection of patterns I’m about to show you? All are totally free!

Free Headband Patterns

Adjustable Cabled Headband: I love this pattern because you don’t have to worry about the fit. The buttons make it work for many head sizes! This is a great cold-weather headband.

headband knitting pattern
Adjustable Cabled Headband
Photo: Lise-Anne Michel

Lacy Hairband: Here’s another adjustable headband (it ties at the base of the head) that is pretty and feminine, great for holding the hair back on warm days.

Life Saver Headband: I just love the looks of this one. So clever!

Skull & Bones Earwarmer: The skull & crossbones design make this a manly headband — or one for a pirate-loving woman. Ahrrrrr!

Checkerboard Headband: A quick unisex headband that’s perfect for a sweaty workout!

Little Bow Headband: This adorable headband is so sweet for babies!

Ribbed Headband with Crochet Flowers: This beautiful cold-weather headband is a great ear-warmer for a little girl who hates wearing hats! Pretty with or without the crocheted flowers. Remove the flowers and it’s a great warming headband for boys, too! (Please note: this is a free pattern! The price at the top of the page is for the supplies you’ll need. The pattern itself is posted after the supplies listing.)

Headband knitting patterns are terrific for making gifts or charity knitting projects. You can whip up several in a week, and you’ll always have some on hand for birthday or holiday gifts.

Take a look at other quick knitting patterns for accessories here!

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