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Save Money with These 8 Fun, Free Fingerless Mitts (and More) Patterns

There’s nothing like using leftover yarn to save money on knitting; these free fingerless mitts patterns (plus mittens & cuffs) will help keep your hands warm

free handwarming patterns

As I write this, we’re in that odd season that falls from March to April. In some parts of the United States, it’s still quite cold. In other parts (like my southern midwestern state of Oklahoma), the weather is a bit more volatile. Sometimes it’s bracingly chilly; other times it’s warm enough to truly feel like spring.

(And of course, in the southern US and other typically warm countries around the world, it’s blisteringly hot. Occasionally, though, you get cold weather… right?)

During this time of year, I tend to suffer from cold hands and/or fingers. Worse, this isn’t limited to when I’m outside. In fact, as I’m writing in my otherwise toasty house, I’m wearing mitts because my hands got cold.

Get out of the Cold with Fingerless Mitts (and More)

I have to confess that I’m a fingerless mitt addict. I’ve knitted more mitts than I can recall in my 11 years of knitting. Fingerless mitts patterns are some of my favorite knitting patterns they’re so handy indoors. (Pun not intended!) I love to allow my fingers freedom for typing, knitting, and just living in general.

Fingerless mitts aren’t always the best for keeping your hands warm outside. (Or, of course, for your fingers!) Obviously, mittens are better for this purpose. Convertible mitts — mitts with a flap that you can fold over your fingers — are excellent for this as well.

Cuffs don’t warm the hands, of course, but they can keep your wrists warm. They’re also super-cool looking. I also like that they can provide a little extra cushion for your wrists, especially if you spend a lot of time at a computer.

As a bonus, free fingerless mitts patterns, as well as mittens and cuffs, are terrific projects for scrap yarn. And using up leftover yarn is such a wonderful way to save money on knitting!

I love mitts, mittens, and cuffs for scrap yarn knitting because they’re usually small enough to not require much  yarn. Of course, if you use stripes or other kinds of colorwork, you need even less! All three also make wonderful charity projects.

The following are a collection of free fingerless mitts patterns, as well as for mittens and cuffs, that are particularly excellent for using leftover yarn.

Free Mitten Pattern for Knitting

free fingerless mitts patterns
Color Me Warm Mittens
Photo: Colleen Brooks

Color Me Warm Mittens: You can use just about any pattern in which to knit mittens with leftover yarn, but this particular pattern was written especially for using up yarn. And just look at the beautiful designs possible! This pattern comes with everything you need in order to create mittens that are as lovely as they are practical.

Free Fingerless Mitts Patterns for Knitting

Scrap Yarn Handwarmers: If you’ve never made fingerless mitts before, especially with leftover yarn, this pattern is a great place to begin. They are knit flat, so no scary circular knitting is required. It offers some helpful hints for using up leftover yarn.

free fingerless mitts patterns
Scrap Yarn Gloves
Photo: Cindy Kuo

Scrap Yarn Gloves: This pattern is seriously simple. It does require circular knitting, but it’s easy enough to be a great choice for beginners.

Maine Morning Mitts: These beautiful and simple mitts are a fantastic choice for that pricey, luxurious single skein of yarn you bought on a whim that you don’t know what to do with.

Malabrigo Hand Thingies: Prefer mitts with a little more pizzazz? This pattern could be just the ticket, utilizing slipped stitches and pretty garter stitch cuffs.

free fingerless mitts patterns
ZigZag Fingerless Mitts
Photo: Whole Earth Education

ZigZag Fingerless Gloves: If you’re really inspired to try something different, you ought to check out this fantastic pattern! These mitts are knit flat and use an interesting stitch pattern that creates a truly breathtaking design.

Free Cuffs Patterns for Knitting

Pretty Twisted: These cute cuffs are designed not only to show off any beautiful leftover yarn you may happen to have saved, but also any pretty buttons you’ve saved for a rainy day, too.

Odd Ends: Here’s another lovely cuff pattern that is especially enjoyable for truly luxurious leftover yarn. These cuffs have a modern, funky flair.

I hope these free fingerless mitts patterns (and more) have inspired you to use your leftover yarn — especially the really good stuff — to make some hand- and wrist-warming projects!

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  1. Especially loving this newsletter filled with so many mitt patterns as my odds and ends of yarn stash is growing once again and the snow just doesn’t want to leave.

  2. Nicole
    I can honestly say that your email/newsletter is one of the few I look forward to receiving each week. This week, I have to say that the pattern for the wristlets is just wonderful. We all have that bit of fabulous, expensive yarn that we just cannot part with. And, I collect odds and ends of buttons and what a perfect way to showcase them. Thank you for all you do.