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One of These 11 Free Coaster Knitting Patterns Would Make a Delightful Gift

With a little leftover yarn and one of these nifty free coaster knitting patterns, you’ll have the cutest coasters to give away (or keep for yourself)

11 Free Coaster Knitting Patterns

Today, let’s turn our attention to our homes. Or your friend’s homes. You know, the ones that could, perhaps, stand to receive protection from our hot or cold drinks. Yes, I’m talking about free coaster knitting patterns!

Coasters are the quickest of quick knits. They’re a great way to use leftover yarn and practice new techniques. Best of all, they’re incredibly practical. Whose table wouldn’t benefit from protection against hot cups of coffee or cold (and sweaty) glasses of water or iced tea?

And coasters make great gifts, too. Coasters are the sorts of things that a lot of people don’t really want to spend money on, so they’re always appreciated. And handmade coasters are even more so!

One caveat about knitted coasters, however: it’s essential that you block them after you knit them. Coasters need to lie flat in order to work properly. Otherwise, a glass might wobble or even fall over after being set atop one.

This can particularly be true for coasters made from acrylic yarn. What’s that? “You can’t block acrylic yarn!” Au contraire, my dear knitting friends. You most certainly can. Here’s how.

For more delightful free knitting patterns for around the home, check out the For the Home category at Knitting for Charity!

Fantastic and Free Coaster Knitting Patterns

free knitted coaster patterns
Leafy Washcloth

Leafy Washcloth: This is obviously a washcloth pattern, but it also works well as a coaster. It’s a lovely design and perfect for a nature-lover who deserves something a little different.

Hot Cuppa Coasters: These adorable coasters are perfect for the coffee or tea-lover in your life, and they’re also a wonderful introduction to double-knitting.

Mitered Coaster: This coaster pattern works as a terrific introduction to knitting mitered squares. It looks especially pretty in a variegated yarn.

Berroco Coasters: These fun hexagons can be knitted in wool yarn and then felted, or knitted in cotton or acrylic, blocked, and used as is.

free coaster knitting patterns
Double Knit Bird Dishcloth HotPad Lessons
Photo: Margaret MacInnis

Double Knit Bird Dishcloth HotPad Lessons: This is less a coaster pattern than an all-out complete set of double-knitting tutorials. And you get adorable bird patterns!

Twinkle coaster
Twinkle Coaster
Photo: Vicki Mikulak

Twinkle Coasters: Here’s another fun shape for your coasters: stars!

Christmas Tree Mug Rug: O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you make such a charming pattern!

Java Flower Coasters
Java Flower Coasters
Photo: Lusted to Wander

Java Flower Coasters: Flowers! Colorwork! Felting! Practice all kinds of fun techniques with these beautiful coasters.

Valentine Heart Shaped Kitchen Trivet: Just a simple, sweet heart. The name of this pattern also points out that any of these coasters also would make great trivets!

Seashell Coasters Pattern: Have any beachcombers in your life? These adorable shell coasters would make wonderful gifts.

Sheep's Mug Mat coaster pattern
A Sheep’s Mug Mat
Photo: Joan Kosmachuk

A Sheep’s Mug Mat: I saw this pattern and knew I had to include it. Here’s to us knitters! This is a great way to practice knitting circles as well as creating appliques.

It’s really hard to think of a cuter and more practical way to use your leftover yarn than with these beauties, isn’t it?

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