6 Delightful, Unique, and Free Baby Knitting Patterns

If you’re looking for something new and different to knit as baby gifts, take a look at this unique collection of free baby knitting patterns

Are you getting tired of knitting baby blankets, especially in these warm summer months?

Do you feel like you’re constantly knitting baby hats and booties?

Are you ready to change things up?

If a baby is making his or her way into a loved one’s life, I know you’re eager to knit something special. And if you’ve answered “yes” to the preceding questions, perhaps you’re also looking for something a little different.

The following is a collection of truly unique baby knitting patterns. Any of these will make wonderful gifts for an expectant mother. And many will bring a delighted smile, or maybe even a surprised giggle!

In this eye-catching collection, you’ll find things for baby to wear, play with, and more! Intrigued? Keep reading…

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1. iCutie Sweater

  • What you’ll need to make it: 207 yards-plus of worsted weight cotton-blend yarn (207 yards of the primary color, small amounts of the contrasting color); US Size 6 circular needles or DPNs (depending on how you prefer to knit in the round)
  • Why you’ll want to: This is a great gift idea for a wee one to wear in the future (it was designed to fit 18-month-old babies). This precious sweater features the Apple logo and the phrase “iCutie.” It’s an incredibly cute design for babes of any gender, as you can easily use any color of yarn for the primary color.

2. Easy Knitted Diaper Bag

  • What you’ll need to make it: 825 yards super bulky weight feltable wool yarn; US Size 13 needles (for both flat and circular knitting; you may need a combination of straight/circular/DP needles depending on how you prefer to knit both flat and in the round); smooth yarn in a contrasting color for embroidery; decorative button; magnetic purse button; blunt-end yarn needle
  • Why you’ll want to: Any parent will appreciate a diaper bag, particularly one that’s made with love! This baby knitting pattern is surprisingly simple to follow, even if you’ve never knitted a bag before. It’s colorful, fun, and useful — everything a baby gift should be.
Lily Sugar 'n' Cream Bath Mitt
Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream Bath Mitt
Photo: Yarnspirations

3. Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream Bath Mitt

  • What you’ll need to make it: 120 yards cotton worsted weight yarn; US Size 9 needles; US Size G crochet hook
  • Why you’ll want to: It can be tough to bathe a baby with only one hand holding baby and the other holding a washcloth! This mitt provides a much easier way to wash baby.

4. Felted Block Set

  • What you’ll need to make it: A total of about 500 yards worsted weight feltable wool yarn (in multiple colors, if you’d like); US Size 8 needles; sewing needle and thread that match the yarn colors; fiberfill stuffing
  • Why you’ll want to: This set of felted blocks are the perfect size for little hands and very easy to make. All you’ll have to do is knit a series of squares, felt them, and sew them together! These are a wonderful early toy for babies.

5. Baby bottle cozy

  • What you’ll need to make it: Less than a ball of cotton worsted weight yarn; US Size 7 circular needles and/or DPNs, depending on how you prefer to knit in the round, though you will need 2 DPNs for I-cord knitting; stitch marker
  • Why you’ll want to: A baby bottle cozy doesn’t sound very practical, but it’s actually a great idea because it makes the bottle (which can understandably get very messy during feedings) much easier to hold. And this cozy pattern is so cute!
Jane of the Jungle
Photo: Deb White

6. Jane of the Jungle Bathing Suit

  • What you’ll need to make it: 300 yards (relaxed, not stretched) cotton/elastic blend worsted weight yarn; US Size 6 and/or 7 (depending on the size you’re knitting) needles (with 2 DPNs for knitting I-cord); US Size 3 needles; 4 safety needles; spare DPN for holding stitches for ruffles; elastic thread
  • Why you’ll want to: This has to be the most original knitting pattern for baby clothing I’ve ever seen! Making a handknit leopard print bathing suit will definitely make you stand out at the baby shower. (If baby is a boy, you can of course eliminate the halter top.) And while baby’s parents might laugh at first, they’ll almost certainly use it during the summer months! (If baby is arriving in winter, make the larger size.)

Thanks to these delightful free baby knitting patterns, you can knit clever, creative, and original gifts. Now you’ll have unique baby gifts for every occasion!

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