Try One of These 7 Popular Free Earflap Hats!


earflap hats

When life gives you cold, keep your ears warm with one of these popular free knitting patterns for earflap hats

While I live in Oklahoma now, I spent most of my life in Ohio. And one thing Ohio is famous (some would say infamous) for is its bitterly cold winters.

When I was a child, I loved playing in the snow. I didn’t, however, love the way my toes, fingers, and ears grew numb with cold.

As I got older, my enjoyment of snow all but disappeared. And my tolerance for cold did the same. I hated going outside for any length of time during the winter because I couldn’t stand the feeling of wind on my face or the melting snow on my extremities!

I suspect my experiences with Ohio winters has led to my undying love for hats! Somehow, when I wear a hat, I feel instantly warmer. It’s like a warm cup of cocoa for my head.

Earflap hats, in particular, are useful in several ways.

For one thing, of course, they keep your ears nice and warm when the weather is especially chilly.

For another, they help keep your hat on your head, especially when the hat in question has ties situated at the ends of the earflaps.

And, finally, they’re just plain cute!

Knitting patterns for earflap hats are the third-most popular type of hat pattern listed on Ravelry, so I thought it was only fitting to take a look at the best of the best. These are the most popular free knitting patterns for earflap hats found online.

Popular Free Knitting Patterns for Earflap Hats 

Thorpe: Named after Jim Thorpe’s football helmet, this earflap hat comes in two variations, solid and stranded.

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap: Once you get a look at it, you’ll agree that it was well-named! This pattern was originally written in Norwegian, but the author was kind enough to have a friend translate it into English and place it on her blog.

I Heart Cables: Here’s another precious baby/child earflap hat with cables.

Norwegian Star Earflap Hat: Norwegians must have a special fondness for earflap hats! (I hear it can get pretty cold there.) This hat is available in both child and adult sizes and features a gorgeous star design.

Official Kittyville Hat: This is just what it sounds like: an earflap hat with cat-like ears. This one might be my favorite. I really want to knit it someday!

Cunning Jayne Hat: This stylish hat is named after a hat worn by the character Jayne Cobb in the “Firefly” episode titled “The Message.”

My Mohawk Hat: This is the other earflap in the running for my favorite. Again, just what it sounds like: a hat with a Mohawk. Perfect for anyone who wants to wear a Mohawk without actually having to shave the sides of your head!

Try any of these charming knitting patterns for earflap hats for a hat that is as stylish as it is functional. You’ll send bitter winter cold running for cover!

For more free hat knitting patterns, check out the Hats & Other Head Coverings category!

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