Try One of These Popular Free Beret Patterns!

What’s more stylish than a beret? Try knitting a sleek and chic beret with one of these free beret patterns

Following our recent article filled with popular beanie patterns, today we’re going to show you some of the most popular free beret patterns available online.

Berets, as you probably know, originated in France, and feature a soft, flat crown. They differ from the beanie in that they are usually not worn tightly to the head, but rather stand out around the sides and back.

A similar type of hat, called the tam-o’-shanter or simply “tam” for short, is popular in Scotland. Tams differ from berets in that they often hold an exterior hat band at the bottom and a pom-pom at the top center.

Both berets and tams can be fun to wear as more of a fashion accessory than the more simple and utilitarian beanie. As always, I am indebted to the Ravelry Advanced Pattern Browser for this fine collection of popular beret patterns.

Popular Free Beret Patterns

Meret (Mystery Beret): So named because it was the pattern offered during a mystery knit-along in 2008. With its starry-floral design, it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular free beret pattern online! (Scroll down for the photo with the name “Meret” attached; as of this writing it was in the 5th row of photos.)

Brambles: You can create this cabled hat in one of three varieties: a beanie, a slouch hat, or a beret.

Starving Artist: With this pattern, you can create a cute ribbed beret that’s either tight or slouchy.

One-Day Beret: Not a “pattern” per se, this is more like a tutorial for creating a beret perfect for your own head. You can knit this with any weight of yarn.

Opus Spicatum: I just love this charming, chevron-patterned Fair Isle beret.

Three Tams: True to its name, this is one pattern with three exquisite Fair Isle design variations. Pick your favorite design, or make all three!

Baby Rollin’ Beret: How can you possibly resist this adorable beret for babies and children? (Like Meret, you’ll need to scroll down to find this one.)

Pick one or try them all; you’re sure to have fun knitting any of these popular free beret patterns!

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