Save Money on Knitting with 8 Frugal Knitting Ravelry Groups

Want to save money on knitting but don’t know where to turn? Check out these fantastic Ravelry groups devoted to exactly that

One of the greatest things about Ravelry, in addition to its amazing pattern database and browser, is its groups.

Groups are small communities within Ravelry. They’re organized by topic, and those topics can be about almost anything! Basically, Ravelry groups are quite similar to Facebook groups. The main difference is that they include message forums. (Remember those?)

Like Facebook groups, to join a Ravelry group, you have to be a member of Ravelry. Also like Facebook, membership is free. Unlike Facebook, Ravelry will not begin to creep into your life when you join. It leaves you well enough alone! But is always ready when you need it.

And if you need to save money on knitting, Ravelry is a great place to visit. It has 8 fantastic groups that cater especially to the topic of saving money.

If this is a topic you want to know more about, read on!

Frugal/Thrifty Knitting Groups on Ravelry

Frugal Knitters: This was the first Ravelry group I ever found devoted to this topic. It’s a large group that offers lots of great tips and tricks to saving money on knitting.

Thrifty Knitters: And this might be Ravelry’s oldest thrifty/frugal knitting group. It’s been operating for 8 years now, and it includes over 7,000 members. The number of resources it offers for thrifty living (in addition to thrifty knitting) is quite remarkable.

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It also runs monthly decluttering challenges and offers a “marketplace” thread where members can offer their own items for sale/trade.

Scrap Happy: One of the best ways to save money on yarn is to, of course, use the yarn you already have. If you hate to throw away yarn and want to use up every last scrap, this is the group for you! In this group you’ll find loads of free patterns that you can use for scrap-busting, opportunities to swap scraps, and more.

Unravelers: This is THE group specializing in purchasing sweaters for cheap and unraveling them to reclaim yarn. If you need any kind of help in this venture, this group offers both resources and advice.

Will Work for Yarn: Love yarn? Have a skill that not all knitters have (that may not even be knitting-related)? You’ll want to check out this group, in which knitters offer their expertise (whether it’s knitting-related or not) in exchange for yarn. Bartering at its best!

Only Half a Skein: Similar to Scrap Happy, this group is designed to help its members find ways to use yarn in amounts of 25 grams or less. You’ll find plenty of patterns here.

Thrifty Knitters Sock Club: This is one of my favorite groups. You may have seen or heard about one of those sock clubs run by yarn companies or yarn shops — the idea is that you pay a certain subscription fee, and every month you’ll receive a new batch of sock yarn and a pattern. Sounds like fun, but expensive, right?

The Thrifty Knitters Sock Club uses this idea and gives it a thrifty spin. Every month they offer a new free sock pattern, and then you, the knitter, can select your own in-stash sock yarn for the pattern. All the fun of a sock club subscription but none of the expense! You’ll also get tips on sock knitting and help in finding sock yarn bargains.

From Trash to Treasures: This group is all about reusing, repurposing, upcycling, recycling, thrifting, and mending. Rather than throwing out and purchasing new, the object of this group is to help its members find ways to use anything that you already have. If you hate to throw things out and are constantly looking for ways to use old things in new ways, this could be the group for you.

I hope that these Ravelry groups will give you lots of great new ideas on saving money in your knitting – and possibly some new places to join in the conversation online.

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