7 of the Most Popular Free Patterns for Easy Knitted Slippers

You won’t believe how popular gifted handknitted slippers are–and you can make them easily!

Easy popular knitted slippers

There is something incredibly luxurious about a beautiful pair of slippers.

How many times does one go out strictly to buy a pair of slippers? One might pick a pair up on impulse, but they’re unlikely to be truly luxurious. They might keep your feet warm, but will they feel like heaven on your feet? Not likely.

But! A handknitted pair of slippers are another matter entirely! I used to knit my father a new pair of slippers every Christmas, and he loved them. I’ve also received knitted slipper requests from many friends over the years.

So, if you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or relative that will cause their eyes to light up, I highly recommend a gift of knitted slippers.

Knitted slippers don’t have to be difficult, either! The slippers in the collection you’ll find below are all quite simple to make. In this collection are 7 of the most popular knitted slipper patterns available online. Some of these are felted, while others are not. All are lovely and fun to knit!

Popular, Free & Simple Knitted Slipper Patterns

Non-Felted Slippers
Non-Felted Slippers
Photo: Lauren Lambert

Non-Felted Slippers: This pattern is so popular that it has been translated into nine languages in addition to English! It’s not hard to imagine what makes it so popular; it has a lovely stylish shape, and it’s nice not to have to felt it afterwards!

Nola's Slippers
Nola’s Slippers
Photo: Avila Janssen

Nola’s Knitted Slippers: This simple yet stylish slipper pattern (which also requires no felting) was designed especially for the Seamen’s Church Institute’s Christmas at Sea program. So in addition to making a fine gift, it’s perfect for charitable knitting, too.

Pocket Book Slippers
Photo: Lisa Vienneau & Allison Barrett of Knitwits Heaven

Fuzzy Feet: Not only does this pattern create a charming pair of of felted slippers in its own right, but it also makes a great introduction to sock knitting. You’ll create these slippers using the exact same steps you would to create a pair of socks. And the most beautiful part? You can simply felt away any mistakes!

Elf Shoes
Photo: localredvine on Ravelry

Pocket Book Slippers: Slipper construction doesn’t get any simpler than this adorable pair of Mary Jane-style slippers.

Elf Shoes: The name says it all: these felted slippers look exactly like the cutest pair of elf shoes!

Amy March’s Slippers: These super-cute nonfelted slippers were inspired by the character of the same name from Little Women.

Amy March's Slippers
Amy March’s Slippers
Photo: tiny owl knits
Felted Slippers
Felted Slippers
Photo: PDamon on Ravelry

Felted Slippers: Our final pair of felted slippers, they are produced in a fetching three-color design and couldn’t be easier to knit. If you can knit a square, you can knit these!

Try one pattern, or try them all; we suspect that in no time, you’ll have a full set of knitted slippers to hand out to everyone on your holiday list as gifts!

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